Deep relaxation wasn’t always a priority in my life. I loved faster moving sports that allowed me to burn off energy and fall into the tiredness afterwards in order to relax. But, a cycling accident changed my perspective.

I found myself forced to be mindful of three broken ribs and a collar bone. I craved rest and a good night’s sleep; something that had never been a problem. 

I tried searching online for different approaches that might improve and or accelerate my recovery. Exhausted and stressed out, I needed to find new ways to relax. If I couldn’t vent by going for a ride, swim or spend a day in the mountains, how would this even be possible for me?

A scientific article appeared in my search feed that piqued my curiosity. It described how athletes could improve their performance without physical practice with meditation and visualization sessions. If this were true, maybe this would also work for someone injured? Someone who couldn’t practice?

I decided to experiment with meditation and visualization. Each day I set aside time to meditate and for deep relaxation.  Not only did I have less stress, but I also had more focused rest time to encourage the body to restore itself.  As a result, I was able to return to work in eight weeks. 

 Short, focused, meditation sessions radically changed my belief about what might be possible for myself and others if we allow ourselves to deeply relax and allow the body to rest. When I decided to add repetitive movements and mindfulness training to soothe trauma and recovery stress, everything changed. Soon, I was able to get back into a pool and focus on each stroke. Meditation, as an important part of my lifestyle, brilliantly blossomed from that point. 

Lightspeed Visual Technologies was created to inspire others to explore shorter meditations and different approaches to work with who you are.  Try short concentrated sessions of meditation and visualization, and if you are able to, try to include repetitive movement as a form of deep relaxation and mindfulness training. Any, or all of these are powerful and can contribute to your well-being and peace of mind. 

Sandra Stoodley