Science meets Meditation





There are many pathways to inner peace. Meditation is one path. But did you know that deep relaxation is another?  Short simple meditation sessions can be created using your own breath, your body awareness, your energy and your ability to be focused on the present moment. Meditation can set the stage for deep relaxation and improved focus. It can help you to re-energize and assist the body and the mind to release stress. 


Visualization can be learned quickly using your imagination and your memories. If I asked you to think of an apple, what would you see? Can picture this inside your mind? What colour is the apple? Do you have a memory that inspires you to smell the apple, taste it or imagine the crunch of a bite?  Visualization has many layers of experience.  If you struggle to see inside your mind, use a memory and tag that image with an experience. If you have problems sensing how something feels or smells, then use an image that inspires a similar feeling.  Neuroscience tells us that when we imagine, we are creating the same physical experience and recording a memory.  Improved athletic performance is one area visualization shines. It is also incredibly useful for accelerating recovery and placing the body in a deep relaxation state that encourages the body to rest and heal.  This blog has many articles that talk about visualization, how to begin and what approaches might be better for you. There are so many roads to creating and discovering inner vision.  Use it to strengthen your memory.  Use it to work with your intuition. Imagine and apply it like an elite athlete to reach your health and fitness goals.  


Learning how to deeply relax both sitting still or moving will improve your well-being. It can be used in many conditions and for shorter time frames to achieve the same effects and excellent results as longer relaxation sessions.  Use deep relaxation to recover from an injury or an intense workout. Allow the body and the mind to re-set itself with meditation therapy.  Articles in this blog focus on creating deep relaxation states in less time using simple techniques when you are sitting still, or through repetitive movements as a form of mindfulness training. 


It might seem counter-intuitive but learning how to deeply relax is essential for high performance states. When you are deeply relaxed, it is possible to sharpen your focus, step into a more present state and become more energized. This flow state can be initiated by repetitive movements or by sitting still and becoming more aware of your body, mind and energy in the present moment.  This blog aspires to invite you to be more, to excel and to expand your limits with simple techniques. Meditate, visualize and deeply relax to dramatically shift your well-being to the next level.