The Power of Deep Rest.

Rest and be thankful.”

Moving beyond Sleep to Deep Rest.

Sometimes a good night’s sleep isn’t enough. We might have good intentions to get a good night’s sleep only to wake up still tired. Maybe it’s because our minds continue to be busy even though the body is tired and wants to relax. 

How can we pause and dull down the mind’s chatter so that we can rest? 

Meditations can be restorative if we learn how to use mindfulness and our own breath to relax and then, allow the body to move into a deep state of rest. 

Let go of your worries for a few minutes. Focus on the body and your energy and allow yourself to relax and be present with your own energy. 

By placing your attention on your present energy, it is possible to shift your mental busyness and let the body rest. 


We humans have lost the wisdom of genuinely resting and relaxing. We worry too much. We don't allow our bodies to heal, and we don't allow our minds and hearts to heal.

How to use Meditation to"Re-set"your Energy.

Try a simple energy re-set meditation. 

  • Breathe. Follow the movement of your own breath.
  • Disengage from worry and outside influences for a moment.
  • Now place your attention on your energy. How do you feel right now? OK, exhausted? or energized.
  • Use your imagination.  Visualize your body flooded with light.
  • Imagine a waterfall of light over your head. Let it pour into your body, pushing out fear, worry and low energy. Feel your body let go of negative energy and intrusive thoughts. Feel yourself begin to rest deeply and re-set your energy.
  • Visualize your cells becoming energized with light. See them glow with radiant health and good energy.
  • When you feel a positive “shift” in energy, take in a deep breath and open your eyes. 

Meditation is a brilliant tool for allowing deep rest and relaxation in short spaces of time. Never under-estimate the power of five minutes to enable rest and improved focus. 

If you would like to learn how to improve focus with deep relaxation techniques, try my new app The Impatient Meditator. It’s designed for anyone with a busy mind and a busy life. 

Follow the process for 21 days and see improvements in your ability to relax and focus.

  • IOS users can find The Impatient Meditator App in  Apple’s app Store.
  • Android users will soon be able to download the app through Google Play Store. 
The app is free to download.  Six free sessions for a basic membership.  Paid Subscription for access to the entire app. 

Taking the time to explore deep relaxation and deep rest is the first step to learning how to manage fatigue and honour your need to rest, relax and restore.  Mindfulness is your super-power. Be kind to yourself.
Time out is not a weakness. It is an advantage. 

Have a brilliant week. 


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