Multi-dimensional Meditations.

If you express an intention, consider it the intention of God. How then could you doubt that it could be fulfilled?”

Meditate in the NOW.

When you close your eyes in meditation, where do you go?  Are you here in the present, past or future ? Are you experiencing another time-line of existence? Are you being “transformed” in meditation into energy, spirit or do you just stay present in your physical body? 

Physicists challenge our perception of reality by telling us that time is a man-made construct and that we actually exist in the past, present and future at the same time. And, that we are capable of existing on more than one time-line because of infinite possibilities and the potential to express who we are. 

But….what defines our placement is where we place our attention. 


Awareness of the Observer.

In light experiments, physicists demonstrated that particles of light organized themselves according to where we placed our attention. By observation, focused attention, it was possible to change outcomes. 

In meditation, where we place our attention, shifts our perception of where we are. We can focus on how we feel physically, or we can focus on energy states, emotional states, memories, perhaps, or even visualize places in nature as a form of mindfulness meditation practice. 

We can also use meditation to place ourselves in a high performance state or shift our reality by “being” that which we desire as if it has already been achieved.  Simply, through observing ourselves as if we have already achieved that state, we have gained a quantum advantage over anyone who directly tries to “change” through metamorphosis. 

Stepping outside of ourselves and just ” observing with neutral eyes, focuses our attention on another level. It allows us to scan and choose what we want to create from the meditation without adding energy, emotion or bias to it. It just is.  It is a powerful  technique to create with intention. 


The objective observer always has an advantage over the direct participant.

"... shift perception, the limitation releases changing our reality."

The power of Intention.

Empower your meditations through engaging the heart. Set the intention to transform through the energy, the feeling and the mindset of LOVE turned inwards. 

Shift your reality through love and light. Meditations that allow you to “follow your bliss” will accelerate  progress, healing and transmute negative energy and physical states into elevating energies. 

If you wish to be “that” , visualize it, embody it and step into the feeling as if this existed in the NOW. It will seem like trying on a new garment, but it will change your experience of the present moment as a new state of “being”. 


When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

If we exist in a world of infinite possibilities, choose what inspires you.  Focus, use intention, visualization and awareness of you observing yourself as a different version of you and deliberately try on that “energy” for fit. These are things to explore with meditation. It is a multi-dimensional practice that transcends physical space/time reality and a profound tool for personal transformation and a safe mode to try on high performance states. 

Travel inward and expand your own Universe.  

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