Exhaustion and Meditation. How to allow what you need.

Faith begins where Reason sinks exhausted.

The Fatigue Wall.

Meditation can be a liberator, a disciplinarian and a force to be reckoned with when you are exhausted. As you close your eyes, it may be the end of a meditation and the beginning of a much needed nap. 

But is it? 

There are many layers to relaxation. Letting your body enter “deep rest” even for a few minutes will restore and reboot your alertness. 

Allow what you need. Breathe deeply and let the resistance to a cat nap be released. Let it be the gateway to your meditation, move slowly through your transition from sleep to being alert. Use that space to relax and enter into a high performance energy state. 

Failed meditations are experiments in energy. Learn what you can about your own needs and persist to elevate your energy. A simple time out. A short walk. Breath work. Or, visualizing your favourite place in nature is enough to break through fatigue walls.

The Energy encirclement Maneuver.

If fatigue is the enemy, try taking on this state directly, encircling it with deep rest before emerging in a high performance state. 

How to create deep rest in meditation?

Defeat your resistance by shifting your attention to rest. Let the body have what it needs and then invite greater focus with relaxation.  You will recuperate with less down time. 


authentic presence means emptying out . Waterfalls of energy.

We are human. Not machines. We need to allow rest and recovery, especially when we meditate. Allow meditative space for deep rest.  It will inspire an accelerated recovery and improved focus. 

Meditation is not just for stress-management. It is a sophisticated empowerment tool for soothing, restoring and elevating performance. 

Use your meditation session as self-therapy. What might seem like a weakness can be used to your supreme advantage.  Have faith.  You are a powerful creator of your energy state. 

"Rest and be thankful."

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