The luminous path of Well-being.

I have chosen to be happy because it is good for my health.”

Self-care is Power.

Meditation. Time off and time out. Choosing to relax. Choosing to rest and to re-set.  These are the power moves of self-care.  And, often we sacrifice these to get things done, to be places and to achieve what is expected of us. Yet, in service to others we can fall short in directing that energy towards our own health and happiness. 

Being aware of what you need in the moment gives you a power advantage. It allows you to re-set and shift your mindset into a more focused state. And, effectively accelerate your productivity that will create more time freedom because if it. 

Allowing meditative freedom.

Not all formulas for meditation will suit your current needs or energy. Learn how to adapt your meditative practice with techniques that offer loving kindness to YOU.

Meditation is love turned inwards.

Allow yourself to heal and relax. These are vital for well-being and for personal empowerment in all types of conditions. 

The hero's journey includes Happiness.

There is a lot to be said about happiness. Gratitude for small things invites an expansion of your vision of well-being and happiness. We allow ourselves to notice things, appreciate them and delight in them as “gifts”.  Somehow it is easy to lose our way and focus on what isn’t going well. But if we choose to notice what is working and what was amazing each day, we will notice that more things are being noticed. 

It is an energy experiment. Observations that have the power to influence the outcome. 

You may toss this aside because you are too busy. But don’t let the small and amazing things pass you by.  Ask what makes you happy? And, why. Include happiness in your day.  Meditate on happiness and turn love inwards.  Kindness begins with following your own heart. 


Wherever you go, go with all your heart.”—

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