A new twist on Meditative Intuition.

Faith is a passionate intuition.

Inner Prayers.

Meditation is a form of inner prayer. We can connect to our soul, our faith and receive guidance that sparks intuitive decisions. We can choose to expand our presence in the moment and begin to receive “transmissions” of information that our busy minds and selves weren’t open to receive. 

Maybe meditation isn’t what it appears to be on the outside?

To others who step into the illusion of it being just a  psychological tool for stress-relief and a self-care method to legitimize time-out, they miss the vastness of it and the inner layers of empowerment.  They fail to notice they have placed their intuition on speed dial. 

Energy Awareness.

When we sit or find a comfortable place to lay down, we recognize our energy. Tired, stressed and sometimes, scattered, meditation places us initially in a “sorting mode”. As we take in a deep breath to relax, we wait to feel our discomfort resolve itself in relaxation, to re-set our energy and soothe our mind’s chatter. 

But there is more beyond energy and stress-relief. Intuition becomes activated when we place ourselves in a relaxed state. Sounds, feelings, scents and our environmental antennae are heightened. 

Step into a commanding state of mind, body and spirit in meditation. Empower your decisions through energy awareness and meditative prayer. 

Let insights flow into your expanded awareness. Expand your intuitive radar and see beyond illusions clouded by doubt and fear.

Take profound and powerful steps forward by tapping into the energy of prayer and intuition at the same time. These are the icebergs below the surface of a basic relaxation meditation.

It is you who has the power to notice and expand your skill levels by using your energy and environments to inform decisions. This gives a new twist to love turned inwards and your meditative practice. 

At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want.”

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