Inner spaces. Mastering negative forces.

To live happily is an inward power of the soul.

Navigating Negative Energy

There are special symbols assigned to toxic chemicals and hazards. But none can prepare you for an energy that is malevolent and manipulative. Anyone who has been confronted with negative energy such as a person, an event, social media, and other brainwashing tools may be aware of the eroded effect it has on mental health and well-being but may have no way of knowing how to get out of this psychological prison. 

Gaslighting can happen on many levels and through people of authority who you are expected to trust. 

Find a space that is safe. This is essential for empowerment and healing. This can be time out in nature or found by spending time in silence in meditation. Step into a mental sanctuary you create inside your mind and connect to divine guidance through prayer and  simple meditation techniques, 

Here is an article about empowered meditation and more detail on how to create a mental sanctuary. 

If you aren’t a consistent meditator, this suggestion will seem absurd. In fact, the test of being “afflicted” might be your intolerance to spending anytime in silence. You might feel agitated and inspired to use distraction to escape meditation, to avoid making decisions or be in denial about your life as it is now.  You might be postponing tasks you know you are supposed to be doing. 


Gaslighting is a psychological weapon, deceiving victims to establish power and control.”

The inner path to Peace of Mind.

 Small steps beyond your conventional thinking wait for you to notice something. Awareness and appreciating being the “observer” shifts negative conditions into a new training ground. If you can let go of anger and fear and just observe, it is possible to feel and hear intuitive nudges more clearly. 

 Let go of the need to control and let “faith” and trust in a higher power to offer you a place of peace and reveal insight into your next step.  Choose to be fearless. 

So comes snow after fire, and even dragons have their endings.”

If you feel tired and exhausted by negative people and energies, use your meditation space to your advantage. Create a mental sanctuary and shift into an “observer mode” to become more clear. 

Let your intuitive nudges inspire your next strategic step, even if that seems to defy logic.  Have Faith. You will conquer toxic energy by not resisting or fighting against it. Instead, use silence to create peace of mind while you walk through it.  Listen inward and shine your inner light on your next empowering move forward. 

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