Are you being called? The Heroic Inner Journey.

No degree of worldly darkness can extinguish the glow of a soul’s inner light. “

The Heroic Journey.

Sitting still and closing your eyes may not register as an act of heroism, but on many levels it is. 

Being with the self and it’s many expressions, physical, mental and spiritual is a powerful move to unite the self powerfully through a moment of aloneness. 

The path to inner peace is marked with fear, discomfort, doubt and resistance to changing the self to achieve what it is being called to create and do. This transformation can be accelerated through time spent with the old self in meditation and by creating space for more mental clarity. 

Joseph Campbell’s template for heroic journey begins with the call to adventure.  There is inspiration to act, to answer that call to appreciate what is and to move into a space of meditation for more clarity.  A common pattern in myth is the appearance of supernatural aid, a helper or mentor and/or a challenge that”shifts” consciousness and awareness. The hero recognizes a death of the old self and a re-birth through insight and revelation. Next is an atonement and return to “home” in victory as the new self. 

The inner path of meditation is a heroic path. Appreciation and resistance to good and dark days casts light on “transformation” and your own brave inner journey. It is  progressive and accelerated in different conditions. Mastery of the self propagates adapted techniques to suit who you are and who you are becoming. 

Breaking down to Breakthrough.

Collapse of the old self is inevitable . 

Once you identify and expand your awareness through meditation practice, habits become painfully noticeable. These need to be “shifted” and dissolved to make room for a more aware iteration of the self.  Trust in your path. What might not be “scripted” practice will prove to be used to your advantage to heal and rapidly move forward.  Choose different strategies to meditate and relax. Do what you are inspired to do. Relax often. Open your mind, body and spirit to new ways of being more focused and relaxed. 

Lost in the Wilderness.

Trees grow in two directions. They ground themselves by moving into deep soil as they press upward to new heights. 

When we feel lost, we are simultaneously dissolving the old self and creating a new one. Campbell calls this phase “lost in the wilderness”. 

We feel stuck and placed on hold. Nothing seems to fit with who we are and we are tired and exhausted most of the time. Focus takes a lot of energy and we feel discouraged about meditation. But, in reality we are growing. 

above the fog. Incredible view at the top of a peak in Switzerland.

Surrendering to Victory.

When you meditate, let go and allow the self to choose what it needs. We release resistance and connect to the old and new self at the same time. 

Surrender is the way to move to a higher consciousness. Sit in the present moment without expectations and listen inward for guidance. Pay attention to how you feel.  

You fall because you are human, and rise because you are divine.”

Divine placement and the Power of Your destiny.

Metamorphosis has divine connections. We are meant to be who we are, where we are and when we are. There is great power in knowing that God’s voice is audible in meditation and visible through creatively inspired action. 

Delays are not denials.

Meditation can open your mind to accepting divine timing. By releasing your need to control conditions, we condition the self to be more effectively placed in alignment with its unique divine purpose and destiny. 



Sit at My right hand, Until I put Your enemies beneath Your feet.”’

Meditation is a heroic inner journey. Answer the call and see where simple moments with your self can bring incredible results and mental clarity.  

Wishing you a blessed path. 

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