Light and the shift towards Peace of Mind.

“Never be in a hurry; do everything quietly and in a calm spirit. Do not lose your inner peace for anything whatsoever, even if your whole world seems upset.”

Illuminating your Meditations.

No longer elusive, peace of mind is possible if you are open to experimenting with techniques in your meditation practice. 

Simple approaches can alter our perception of results. They can shift awareness and alter your personal understanding of what peace feels like for you. 

But first, we need to see how structured approaches might be blocking our awareness of palpable inner peace. If we have no idea of what peace feels like or looks like to us, it becomes next to impossible to settle into that state when we need it.

Experiment with adding light to your meditations. Stay open to how you feel in the moment and step into the light. 


Capturing Moving states of Peace of Mind.

Peace of mind isn’t an end point but a dynamic state of energy that is in flux. Our bodies will sense it through relaxation. But the mind will continue to chatter and pull at the body and spirit.

When we can engage the body with movement, it is possible to occupy the mind and let it focus. A busy mind can be soothed with a moving body. Let it relax and release the hold it has over you. Notice yourself step into a peace zone. This may be fleeting at first, but with practice you will notice the gateway that has blocked your understanding of peace has opened, and that it is becoming possible to understand what peace of mind feels like for you. 

Activating Inner Peace with Light Meditations.

Use light in meditations to clear out negative energies, receive divine guidance and to merge the energy of the heart with the mind to create laser focus. 

By learning how light elevates and empowers us in meditations, we can progressively “shift” toward greater awareness and personal understanding of inner peace.  Peace of mind can be created through many meditation techniques and your own awareness of energies.  Find the path and process that feels the most natural to you and allow that technique and process to teach you things progressively


Has anyone told you that with enough meditation practice, inner peace can, over time, be yours? Is that true? Because, in the NOW, it already exists. It only requires a decision.  

Energy opens the door unexpectedly to inner peace because it sweeps the clutter, the blockages away and sheds light on the power we already have. Inner light, incredible awareness and presence are part of our magnificent spirits. But this is not an ethereal project that intellect cannot grasp. It is an experience that can move through us when we choose to stop fighting against our own greatness. [Excerpt taken from  Science meets Meditation  post New Doorways to Inner Peace. Dec 24th, 2020. To read more of this article, click the highlighted text]. 

peaceful winter scene. Light reflected on frozen lake

The pathway to inner peace is a personal one. Accept your recognition of inner light as an  invitation to learn more about peace of mind. There is much to appreciate by aligning with light and learning more about which techniques bring you closer and into alignment with the palpable force of peace of mind. 

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