Exploring Energy Waves in Meditation.

surfer in turbulent waves

Often in the waves of change, we discover our true direction.”

Sweeping energies.

Feeling the waves of energy flow through us in meditation doesn’t always make us aware of the brain’s neural oscillations that direct electromagnetic energy to the rest of the body. 

Allow the energy to invite you to flow with the energy and move into deeper meditative states. This is part of the learning process of meditation “surfing” and exploration of how the self responds to different techniques. Just as much as we recognize the physical sensations of relaxation, for example, there is an illusive energetic component that operates in the background that has significant effects on our perception of the session. 

Catching the wave.

At different stages of meditation, the energy waves in the brain change.  Neural connections synchronize energy impulses. Slower waves induce a sleepy tired state and faster energy waves invite alertness and more active brain states. 

Alpha brain states mark the beginning of the meditation and a calm state. The next brain energy wave is Beta, greater sense of awareness and concentration.  Theta states activate automated tasks like folding items, walking and any repetitive movements ie swimming that let us “temporarily” switch off.  Gamma releases more positive emotional states and allows the body to release depressive states. And the last is Delta. This is where deep sleep takes place. 

To read more about manipulating brain waves for an improved mental state, read the following  article by Nexus education [ Thomas Jefferson University]. 

aligning with a new wave of energImage of the inside curl of a wave

Focusing on the Present Moment.

Expand your appreciation for the energy operating within your meditation by being more present. Sensations will add dimension to your perception of energy waves. 

Why notice it? Why not just let yourself go with the flow?

Sharpened sensitivity to energy is an invaluable skill that can be used to expand your intuition and natural radar system. It will alert you to subtle physical changes, shifts in energy and emotions. All, are part of your inner scan of well-being and can offer you guidance on how your might be able to improve your mental state and athletic performance. 

“A joyful life is an individual creation that cannot be copied from a recipe.”

Trust your process in meditation. Learn how to navigate energy waves and tap into your awareness of well-being. It can add another dimension to your understanding of connection to divine guidance and amplify your recognition of your inner and outer health. 


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