The inner battlefield and the path to Peace.

The quality of our lives depends not on whether or not we have conflicts, but on how we respond to them.

No person can deny that we can have thoughts that can uproot us, consume us and breed inner battles. But know, these strongholds can be broken with meditation strategies.

What makes the difference is how we master our inner environment. This will initiate a response that will deflect toxic energy and people and invite a shift in our own energy that will brilliantly place us elsewhere [mentally or physically] at the right moment. 

But let’s take this to another level. How can we create inner peace, regardless of where you are, who “challenges” you and even if you perceive things negatively and it clouds your reality? 

The place to begin is to create a strong inner domain of peace through meditation, visualization and energy techniques to transmute toxic energies. 

Stand in the center of the Storm.

Observation is powerful. You can instantly separate your personal attachment to the conditions or the person that is emotionally dis-regulated and not “centred” by just watching with non-attachment.

If they [ your toxic beings] are hoping for a response, they won’t get one. Instead, step into a zone of inner peace with silence.  Step into your inner mental sanctuary with visualization and slow, deep breaths. Let go of your attention on the negativity and the environment for a few seconds.  Just as a tornado has a peaceful core, create yours and watch the fallout around you settle into its rightful place.  If needed, walk away. 

Aikido and energy Meditations.

Self defence by harnessing the energy that is being thrown at you is the way of Aikido. When someone throws themselves at you, you can use the momentum of their body to toss them out of the way. Effort is reduced. Body position and mechanics does the work for you. 

This is the same for inner peace and mastering your peace of mind. Let the energies tossed at you be diverted with self- mastery. Do not accept the gift of negative energy. Stay calm and Observe. 

Jealous, angry people are neuro-chemically addicted to jealousy and anger. Complainers are addicted to complaining. People who laugh too often are addicted to that “chemistry” and feeling. All of these are expressed as energy and are invitations for a response or a mirrored behaviour. Let these go. Protect your inner peace. Take in three, deep, slow breaths, don’t engage and walk away.

Prayer and Spiritual Warfare.

Find your center with prayer. Take time for meditation and for prayer each day to strengthen your inner fortress.

As we connect more deeply with divine guidance we are lead to a path of peace and light. This is not to say we won’t experience conflict. But the consistency will create a path to greater peace and foster self-mastery and peace of mind. 

This is a life-long practice and process. 


The inner battlefield can be ignited by “where you are”. Let your mastery over your own energy and peace of mind  be high on your list of priorities. Just a few minutes each day will open you up to greater possibilities and a more positive perspective. 

Let the gift of negative people and toxic energies invite you to embrace your own power. Use old conditions and conditioning as a stepping stone to the next level of self-mastery. Choose to be more of who you are meant to be. 

This isn’t about reacting to negative people and events, it is about taking back your power and choosing how you want to respond. Stay in Peace. Stay in your Power. All is well. 


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