Meditations for Alignment.

"When the basis for your actions is inner alignment with the present moment, your actions become empowered by the intelligence of life itself."

Finding alignment with Mindfulness.

It may seem odd to view meditation as a moment in or out of alignment, but consider this. When we step into a space of being present, we empower that moment and shift our energy and focus into that moment. As we align with something greater than ourselves, we shift from being out of alignment into a powerful space of alignment . We become observers of the moment and dwell in a state of higher consciousness or awareness. 

Taking time to sit in the moment, we empower ourselves and expand the experience of “living”.  We align with it in  meditation. Small pauses. Subtle observations.  Both, sprinkle our energy with opportunities to align with something greater. 

The power of Silence.

If we take small respites from our day and spend them in silence, the distractions, the negative thoughts and energies that might influence our decisions and mood, are pushed into a more subservient role and our observations and direct alignment with divine guidance and intuition are made more prominent.  Silence is powerful and empowering. 

No matter how small, it is possible to sharpen your focus with short breaks from the “noise”. 

Start small. Close your eyes and breathe. Observe what is happening around you. Notice nature, weather and something that captures your attention in that landscape.  Meditate on this in silence. 

Listen to inner thoughts and intuitive nudges. You are knocking at the door of the divine counsellor. 

surfer in turbulent waves

Nature and moments in Divine alignment.

Imagine yourself in your perfect place in nature. Close your eyes and rest in the energy of this place, through memory.  Visualize yourself there and align with it. 

Nature calms our energy and soothes our worries. It is its own divine counsellor. Find ways to connect to it. Sound , smell, images and through happy memories.  It will place you in direct alignment to be open to divine inspiration and guidance. 

The Divine is revealing itself to us every day. All we have to do is pay attention.”

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