Creating your Version 2.0. How to Accelerate your path.

A Mental Shift is required if we want to go from fear to faith, from scarcity to abundance, from being average to being awesome.”

A Better Version.

Imagine seeing yourself, the better version. What would that look like to you, right now?  Where would you be? What would you be doing? What would tell you that you have ” shifted” into this new state of being? Is it material? A mindset? A level of energy and focus? Or, is it something spiritual, a state of connection and awareness? 

Whatever it is for you, and how you answer those questions, will lead you to fill in the details of what your best version is for you.

But hang on. Are you calling yourself less than you could be? And/or choosing this best self based what others are expecting? Allow divine guidance and your intuition lead you to choose what inspires you. It will lead you to move into the fast lane toward your destiny. 

Moving through Metamorphosis.

Photographs are brilliant measures of a moment.  As the shutter opens and allows in light to carve out landscapes, faces and events and embeds those particles of light into film and elevates dark backgrounds with dimension and we see an image being created.  Meditation is our moment to allow in light and create inner mental snapshots that inspire and give us momentum to choose and to act. 

Short sessions capture the pulse of the moments we are passing through. Meditation prepares us to move powerfully to the next iteration of the self and captures the experience of the moment and how it feels for us.  It is vital for creating our version 2.0 and accelerating our path. 

cityscape in quantum language.

Focused. Present. Empowered.

Setting an intention and seeing what that might look like in a visual meditation catalyzes “metamorphosis” from the inside out. 

The energy of that desired state can be touched through mental snapshots. And, that best version of the self, already created, is given a window of opportunity to reach backward in time to us energetically, spiritually and emotionally.  We can literally step into that holographic version of the self and try it on like a/[an energy] garment.  Offering us a spark,  an energy telegram and the opportunity to make an empowered “shift” toward that state of being. 

Our best version awaits our “recognition” and willingness to Be that. Meditation. Visualization. Intuition. And, the power of our imagination will lead us to take action and drive what we pay attention to. 

Take meditative steps toward your best self. Allow your inner reality to sharpen your focus and drive your liberation from limitations. Insight into your next best steps will challenge your beliefs and your comfort zones. But over time will accelerate your path. 


Set a goal so big that you can't achieve it until you grow into the person who can."

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