The Value of Simulations.

To accomplish great things we must first dream, then visualize, then plan... believe... act!

Why Simulations?

Being in a mind space to relax, rest, imagine, dream and visualize allows you to shift into a high performance flow state. Simulations are imagined outcomes. They prepare us for “transformation” energetically before they materialize. When we meditate, it gives us a place to practice, to focus our intentions as we move forward. 



Visualization and Sensory detail.

Visualize and imagine how it feels to be there. These are building blocks of simulations. Next, add sensory details into the meditation. Give the place, state of being more life and energy by placing your attention on it. Be present in the moment. 

One of the easiest simulations to try is nature therapy through sounds, aromatherapy, landscapes and imaginging your favourite places to be. You can tap into memories of a place while  honing your “simulation” skills. This is excellent for managing stress, managing challenging situations and for mastering your ability to be more laser-focused. 

Energy and Mindfulness.

Mindfulness can be many things depending on what you give your attention to. 

For instance, pay attention to how you feel. Let yourself relax, re-boot and re-focus the mind by following the movement of your breath. Or, you can focus on the heart and use your imagination to pulse heart energy throughout the body. Imagine decluttering the mind?  Picture sweeping negative energy out of the body by visualizing energy sweeping it away. 

Simulations, visualizations and imagination can create powerful flow states when paired with basic meditation techniques.  What might seem as a childish pursuit is giving you more mental strength [focus]. And, short focused sessions are, in fact, training you to be more responsive to relaxation, letting go of stress, even if it is in short bursts in simulated environments and states. 

Creation of High Performance Flow states.

Following your bliss is one of the key ingredients that inspires a high performance state. Love what you do. Love where you imagine yourself to be. See yourself elevate your performance before you get there.  Use simulations to your benefit and accelerate your progress. 


Simulations are opportunities to go inside to play. Master your energy, focus your visualization sessions and energy and move with your inspired flow states. Life doesn’t have to be shifted to always be in high performance mode. Use simulations to deeply rest, relax and re-focus. 

Meditations that permit freedom and happiness are the best ones to use to improve your well-being.  Simulations are valuable and calming to the mind. They contribute to your inner peace, inspire and  offer us insight into what might be holding us back. 

No matter how you meditate now, consider trying visual meditations and simulations. it will surprise you how powerful they are, even when sessions are short. 

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