The inner freeze. How to manage resistance and broken meditation sessions.

The more important a call to action is to our soul's evolution, the more Resistance we will feel about answering it. But to yield to Resistance deforms our spirit. It stunts us and makes us less than we are and were born to be.

Broken messengers.

Every meditation is unique and a reflection of the present moment.  What if the relaxation, the flow and the “peaceful” feelings aren’t there? What if you can’t detect feedback clearly? 

Broken messengers are a gift. They let us know that we are needing to pause and “let go” of our control over the meditation. 

Oddly, it is possible regain control by releasing our grip on how the session will feel or by deciding what our bodies need before it has a chance to tell you. Let the release of expectation allow you to fall into alignment with the moment. 

Noticing resistance.

Whenever we feel resistance to meditation, there is a message. Is it fear [ listening inward, confronting the self] or is it about lacking discipline and choosing distraction and lack of focus over meditation? 

Maybe it neither of these things. Maybe we are not inspired to take the time to relax and re-focus? Could it be that you are somewhere where it’s not convenient to meditate? 

Taking control over your mind before something or someone else does, is a power struggle we don’t often think about. Meditation, even in small bits and bites offers you mental training. You learn to focus and get stronger. With practice, nothing will shift you unless you allow it to. 

When we notice resistance, consider “fighting the good fight” and moving more powerfully in the moment. It will change your perspective about meditation and your power to choose and focus.  


Managing resistance.

Tactics for managing resistance might include varying the types of meditation practices. Adapt to the moment. Use breath, movement, visualization, memories and mental snapshots, energy, mindfulness, your heart energy and the power of your imagination to create the effects of nature therapy by visualizing yourself “there”. 

Try adaptive meditation. It will change your perspective on “deep rest” and relaxation and empower you as you move through your day. 

It wouldn’t be normal if we didn’t experience a broken meditation session or feel out of alignment in some way. But to decide that meditation isn’t possible is the path of least resistance. 

Experiment with alternative types of meditation. Your failure to sit still or take deliberate time out to meditate can be healed with shorter focused sessions of a different kind. For instance, deep breaths, visualizing a blue sky and remembering a happy moment all contribute to peace of mind and relax, re-set the energy and allow you to move forward with more mental clarity. 

Have faith in meditation. Allow your experience to be personal and not text book. It will dramatically change your path and empower you in the present moment and the future. 

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