Full-Circle Mindfulness Meditations.

The wheel is come full circle, I am here.

The converging Paths of Mindfulness.

If you learn mindfulness meditation through observation and focusing on the details of the present moment, you will eventually sit in an awareness of another, emotional ,component of mindfulness.

What we notice and how we feel dance together. 

Whether you focus on what you feel or notice elements of the present in detail, the two paths of awareness will converge. Your mindfulness meditations over time will come full circle. And expand your appreciation of the power you hold to place your attention on anything you choose in that moment. 

The Power to Focus.

Regardless of how you start, you have the power to focus on what you choose to focus on.  Choose observation and details.  Or, immerse yourself in the emotion of the present moment.  Or, merge them and expand your present moment on another level. Follow your intuition. 

If you are pulled by a challenging event and your emotions are strong, observation might take your mind and body off of the trauma and inner conflict.  This isn’t an escape tactic, but a brilliant full-circle path to gain insight into where you need to be to understand why you feel the way you feel. 

Some recommend letting the emotion and energy sweep over you to “unlock” and remove trauma.  And, in mindfulness,  let the energy sweep away emotional fallout.  I am not a therapist or psychologist to advise.  But, consider mindfulness  meditations as a powerful force to empower your decision to focus. 

Let your experience with mindfulness take you full circle and lead you to appreciate the power of your attention. Recognize meditations as an opportunity to make an empowered choice and to focus on what is best for you in the present moment. 

quest for joy. Skier on powered slope.

Experience a moving version of You.

The wheel moves and it brings us back to where we are, now.

We shift into another energetic state without realizing we are making progress.  Nor do we notice the small adjustments that are being made that allow us to move beyond what once held us back. 

Mindfulness meditations are powerful measures of full circle experiences and our growth as a meditator. 

Conquer and meet feelings and observations again in another form. The emotions that once swept us away, now shower us with appreciation and elevated states of being present. Use mindfulness meditations to empower your progress and the present moment. They can transform your perception of energy and empower your decisions in the present. 

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