Quantum shifts. The power of short meditations.

Small shifts in your thinking, and small changes in your energy, can lead to massive alterations of your end result.”

The Power of Small Steps.

Short meditations have the power to transform.  Learning meditation in “pieces” can give you an advantage if you have had challenges sitting still. If you are easily distracted begin with interrupting that pattern with a simple approach. 

Observe where you are. Choose one thing to focus on. Maybe you are listening to the sound of rain? Maybe you are looking at a plant? Maybe you are noticing a colour that stands out?  Just bask in that “thing” for a moment.  Ignore your phone, conversations around you and anything that demands for your attention. Immerse yourself in that thing. Be an observer. Then, imagine watching you. Observe you in that moment. 

Did you notice anything different about the “shift” in awareness? 

Portable Meditations.

In its purest form, meditations will ask you to set aside ten minutes or longer. But what if a busy life and distracted habit has cramped that time-out? How can you make quantum changes without consistent practice? 

Micro-meditations that are portable will shift your mental state in incredible ways. This isn’t a forced lifestyle change. No longer a square peg in a round hole, meditation can adapt to who you are.  If you have resisted trying it, then consider learning the basics of meditation, especially deep relaxation meditations. These,  can improve focus, memory and help transform you from the inside out with self-reflection. It can also be used as a productivity tool to step into creative flow states and elevate athletic performance. 

Only you can set limits on how far you can progress with meditations. But with all things, being more consistent, even if you are offering yourself mini-sessions consistently, will make quantum changes in your ability to relax, focus and improve your overall attention span.


cityscape in quantum language.

Intuitive Meditations.

tent under stars

Short meditations are the doorway to inner peace. If you are easily distracted and seem too busy to meditate, exploring small sessions might surprise you. Consistent practice, no matter how small can create quantum shifts.  There are many ways to adapt to who you are. Don’t let rigid approaches put you off from being able to step into a high performance state. Get creative and watch yourself expand your abilities naturally. 

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