The Focal Point. Tapping into Zero Point Energy states in Meditation.

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”

The Present Moment is the Focal Point.

Return to the place of power. Be fully present in the moment and sharpen your ability to focus. Mindfulness is an incredible tool that has been “overworked” and made to be dull and well…work. 

Consider being empowered by filtering interference wherever you are and being able to choose what to focus on. 

This ability gives you more momentum, energy and steps up your decision to be conscious of your decisions and how your use your time. 

Zero Point and the Beginning of Everything.

The zero point is a place of creation. Rest in the moment. Allow the energy to collect and grow and prepare you for a shift in awareness and consciousness. 

Your attention drives your focus. It moves the compass to true north if you listen to your heart. 

Zero point energy in quantum mechanics describes waves of energy moving in and out of existence, changing energy states. Sub-atomic particles existing and then, not and then flowing back into existence requires zero point energy. Meditation has an internal place within our energy bodies to re-set energy and to create an equivalent zero point state. Powerfully, the meditator can energize thought with visualization. And, create laser focus and intention with that energy.” See Lightspeed’s blog post  Zero Point States in Meditation 


waves and particles, quantum energy depiction.

Ask without hidden motive and be surrounded by your answer. Be enveloped by what you desire that your gladness be in it.

Meditation for Zero Point Focus.

Consider this meditation as one possibility for stepping into a creative flow state. 

  • Take in three deep breaths and slowly exhale.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Allow your body to relax.
  • Get comfortable.
  • Pay attention to the flow of your breath through your nostrils. Exhale through your mouth.
  • Focus on the moment. Listen to sounds that surround you.
  • Imagine the place you are sitting in.
  • Observe yourself in meditation.
  • Create a flow state of being by choosing one word to repeat in your mind. Joy. Peace. Love. Health. 
  • Rest in this energy and feeling for as long as want to. 
  • When you are ready to end the meditation, take in a deep breath and open your eyes. 

“This zero point state in meditation is essential for carving out a new state of being. Through calming mind chatter, becoming still and more in tune with the body’s energy and thoughts, we can master our state and direct the energy towards creating phenomenal results.” Lightspeed’s article Dec /2019 Zero Point States in Meditation. 

The quantum fluctuations within the point of zero field can start the process that builds the process, which builds into matter, an irreversible process.

How we direct our attention in meditation is the focal point and the zero point of creation of a new state of being. Here we can visualize, deeply relax and re-set our energy.  And, create a flow state that can shift our mindset and level of performance.  While zero might elude to nothingness, we are energy in flux that is waiting for “attention” to select and move it to the next state of being.  Use meditation to powerfully create the next iteration of YOU. 

  • Recommended Visual Meditation: Deep Relaxation Version 2.0

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