How to conquer your resistance to Meditation.

Resistance is a sign that shows you're going the right way.

Observing the resistance.

Just begin. Starting somewhere is the key to conquering resistance to meditation. Whether it is conquering your resistance to sitting still, crossing your legs or being quiet for a few minutes when you are used to being surrounded in sound, information and busyness, it is possible to meditate brilliantly with small pieces of the meditation process. 

Observe yourself fighting the resistance.  This is part of your victory over meditation. See it for what it is , resistance.  Identify why you are challenged by meditation, what part of it makes you uncomfortable and work through it. 

Begin in Pieces.

Try meditations that are pieces of the meditation process. Small focused sessions will help you recognize areas that are your strengths and others that stand in your way to peace of mind. 

For example consider a short experiment with your breath.  Take in a deep breath and slowly exhale. Next follow the movement of your breath through your nostrils and out through your mouth.  And. third, close your eyes and observe your breath. Notice which approach helps you feel more relaxed, focused and immersed in the present moment. 

Here are some mini-session suggestions:

1. Breath.

2. Relax [ sit,lay down, walk].

3. Observe You in meditation. 

4. Close your eyes and pause. 

5. Visualize [ imagine a happy memory, a blue sky]

6. Think of a favourite place to be. 

7. Notice how you walk [ how your feet touch the ground] 



Strengthen your attention span.

Meditations, short, and elegantly consumed as pieces of them, can contribute to greater focus and an increased attention span.  

Consistent practice in different environments allows you to master your focus. You choose what you want to pay attention to, not the noise, the distractions and the emotions that the moment can trigger. Step powerfully beyond the drama and become fully engaged in your path to purpose.  Find peace of mind in many conditions with intention and focus. 

It doesn’t matter how little you meditate. Just be more consistent. Accelerate your ability to focus and be more present. It will transform your perception of what is possible. 

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