Inner Stillness. Listening to your Heart’s Guidance.

To the mind that is still, the whole Universe surrenders.

The quest for inner stillness.

Peace of mind. Inner calm. These, and inner stillness, might seem elusive states when met with distractions, daily challenges and others, who might not be transmitting a peaceful “frequency”. 

But what is elegant about these states of BEING is that they can be created in hostile conditions. 

Just decide to make a simple decision to be present. Take in a deep breath and clear your emotional slate for a moment and allow yourself  space for inner peace. Listen to your heart. Receive instant feedback and be inspired to take action. 

The power of your heart.

Your heart emits an electromagnetic signal that is 5000x greater than your mind. Use it to “follow your bliss” and to create more of it in your life.  

Step into the energy of the heart by allowing inner stillness. Be present and listen to your own energy. Are you tired? Unfocused? Happy and energized? Calm, yet undecided about something? 

  • Breathe in love and exhale indecision. Breathe in love and energy and exhale fatigue.  
  • Close your eyes and imagine your body being flooded with light. See the heart shining and emitting light.
  • Focus on the power of your heart. Listen.
  • Open your thoughts to the heart’s guidance. What would you love to do? What are you being inspired to do next? 

Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in Heaven.

Expanded Awareness.

By learning how to be present in the moment, fully, we expand our awareness. We gather more layers of understanding, appreciation of the little things, and create laser-like focus through sharpened attention. 

By surrendering to the moment and observing it,  the heart’s guidance, steps forward, and we are inspired to choose. 

Divine alignment is possible when we choose to be open to inner guidance and prompts to act. By choosing YES or NO we move forward.  But being clear about what is a Yes and what is a No stands in our way. 

Stay open to choosing the path of divine destiny through listening inwards, prayer and meditation. Clarity is found in the light, the inner stillness and the inner guidance of your heart that gently prompts us to choose boldly. 

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