The winding Path to Purpose. Why you should consider using Mindfulness to expand the moment.

If we are not fully ourselves, truly in the present moment, we miss everything.

Destiny in small expanded moments.

Have you ever thought about a moment that seemed ordinary but proved to be significant?

One decision has the potential to change the trajectory of your life. Maybe it is a chance meeting with someone? Or, deciding to cancel a trip, only to find out later that that passengers were delayed for hours due to bad weather.  Or maybe it was changing your route home from work to pick up something and discovering a major accident happened in a common intersection where you could have been. You averted being there at the wrong time.  All of these have contributed to you being in this very place, right now. 

Meditative practices are a GODSEND. They connect us to the moment and allow us to expand on that. Personal insights become more prominent, gut instincts get louder and we are intuitively lead to choose due this expansion. These are protective as well as instructive. We find the path that brings us the most joy and offers the soul lessons that we need to progress along our path to Purpose. 




To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible.

Mental clarity through mindfulness.

Simple meditations observing the moment are priceless. They can offer you a snapshot of reality that helps you problem-solve. Mental clarity is possible in impossible conditions with mindfulness. 

Find inner peace in chaos. Open a heart that was once closed. Find what was lost and find the buried treasure in what was broken. 

Mental strength can be gained through deep relaxation and mindfulness. It may not happen over night, but with practice, small ordinary decisions become powerful mindset change agents.  They can lead you to expanding your awareness and with a little faith, help you to find clarity along your winding path to purpose. 

Move-Meditate-relax. Relaxation as you move. Kyaking on a calm lake.

Following your Intuition.

Is intuition really divine guidance? Or can intuitive skills be “unearthed” through meditation? 

If you choose to listen inward, the answer to that will be obvious to you. No one knows you better than you. How you feel about people, places, things and what your fondest memories are. These are more than a digital copy.  And, all of this information is paramount for inspiring action and choice. 

Your intuition is your own radar. It scans the environment and sometimes, offers illogical input that yields fantastic results.  But the key is listening and “following your bliss” [ Joseph Campbell].  Allow visual meditative states and deep relaxation to offer you “receptivity” to intuitive hits. 

The Accelerated path to Purpose.

The path to purpose is likely a winding road. Events and our own conditioning can get in the way of moving forward. Even though we might logically know what the next step is, it may be too scary to make that big inner and outer change at once. 

Use mindfulness to open your mind to possibilities. Be more relaxed, find different solutions than what we might choose when we are “pressed” to decide.  You know this one. When in doubt- don’t! 

Mindfulness can accelerate your inner path and reflect that back to us by changes in our outer world as well.  Visualize your goal and step into that state. Expand the feeling of “the wish fulfilled”. This was taught by spiritual lecturers Neville Goddard and Wayne Dyer.  These can soften the feeling of drastic change. Instead, expand the feeling and experience of the moment. It will give you courage to take the next “inspired” step along your path to Purpose. 


Meditation is a place to seek inner counsel. Tapping into your wise self will keep you on the best possible path to achieve your purpose. When things get muddy and we are tired and frustrated with sitting in “the wilderness”, meditation can help us relax and gain more mental clarity. Moments in meditation might be temporary, but they will give you incredible strength and resilience to empower your next step forward. 

Have an amazing week. 

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