Simple Meditation practices to improve Mental Clarity.

Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.

Create Mental Strength.

Were you under the impression that meditation helps you to relax? 

While it may appear that it does, it has a vast range of properties that enable mental strength, greater focus and concentration and improvements in well-being beyond a better memory. 

Layer upon layer of understanding and experience will change your mind , literally. 

Soft Disciplines.

Short meditations can be powerful, especially if they are consistent. 

Soft disciplines are gentle, kind and extend love inwards.

Allow yourself to gain more clarity by opening your heart mindfully to meditation.  Work with your energy. 

Visualize and work with nature for meditation therapy when it is needed. 

Use your breath to focus or to get rid of stressful energies and allow the worry to step aside for a moment. 

Create mental sanctuaries. Just as prayer is a protective and restorative practice, allow inner freedom through soft discipline.  

Small steps will make a profound difference to the perception of your inner and outer world. 

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Inner Peace Recognized.

Inner peace is possible with minimal meditation practice. Many people, myself included, can lose the joy in the process because we are looking for that zen moment, the bliss that is talked about by meditation masters. We focus on the details and what we lose is the valuable experience of the moment. We lose contact with how peace feels to us. 

But the truth is in one word, Joy. The inner smile peaks through the frustration and the sessions that disintegrated. When we recognize inner peace, at least once,  even if it’s for a moment, it is that place we can return to whenever we choose. 

So how is that possible? 

Moving meditations seemed to crack the code for me. Maybe it might work for you also. Take a repetitive movement like walking or running. Pick one aspect of the movement. Maybe its how your feet feel touching the ground or the way your toes curl as they grip the ground .  Observe the flow of each step. Let your mind push the busy thoughts into the background.  Enjoy your walk, the scenery and then notice if you felt a mental “click” of sorts. A calm space . This is what inner peace can feel like. 

By learning how to expand the moment with your senses, it will expand your calm moments. It will inspire more sessions , more peace and more mental clarity. Do not underestimate the power of a 2 minute walking meditation. 

Be powerfully open to peace everywhere you go.

The Power of the Observer.

When you sit in silence and observe yourself, what happens? Do your senses expand? Do you hear more sounds? See more things clearly? Does your inner voice move from the background mind chatter, and step forward to be more audible? 

One of the most powerful things you can do to gain mental clarity is to take time out, pause and allow the awareness, the higher mind and self, the SOUL to step forward. Let you recognize YOU. 

You can begin through deep breaths to become more present and focused. You can observe yourself in detail or look outwardly to something else, a tree or a plant etc and look at it in more detail. 

The oneness that we are all immersed in will become more visible. It will be felt. Through love we can change our perception of ourselves and make a profound shift. Use observation to empower YOU. Allow your mental strength to improve. Gain mental clarity through experience and by “turning LOVE inwards” through meditation. 

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