Your Inner Movie Screen. Learn how to Visualize by cultivating Snapshots.

We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep.”

Tapping into your inner Movie Screen.

Do you remember when you were little? Do you remember how one minute you could imagine yourself as an astronaut and then, seconds later see yourself dive into a clear blue lake and then see yourself running with your favourite dog that had passed on?   Those beautiful moments that were called imagination are the sparks that have kept your inner movie screen alive. 

Why would you want to enhance this, at least right now? Aren’t these memories, just memories?

Tapping into your movie screen is a powerful process that is critical for relaxing the body and the mind.  It creates a type of mental freedom no condition can constrain and it sharpens focus and memory, two elements that appear to decline with age. 

Visualization can be a form of meditation and deep relaxation. It can also be used as a gateway to any high performance state.  No matter how “far gone” you are from using your imagination or seeing inwardly, it is possible to develop your link by collecting inner snap shots. These are images that can connect to memory, the present moment or a sensation and an emotion. 

Visualization Basics.

How can you visualize? 

Believe it or not it has nothing to do with how good your physical eyes are. This is an inner process. 

If I asked you to think about your kitchen, you might see something inside your mind that “pencils in details of your home and your own kitchen”.  See  what I mean? This is visualization, triggered by a word and an environment that has a special point of reference to you. 

Let me give you an example.  Think of an apple. What colour is it? Can you imagine the smell? Is it sweet or sour? Where are you when I asked you to think about an apple? In an orchard picking your own apples or in an open market? Were you six years old walking home from school on a crisp fall day?  This is significant to you.  

Visualization started with a basic image. From there the experience with apples created an inner movie from it. You could see yourself walking home and remember what it was like to be you, then.  This is what makes visualization so special and powerful for fostering a meditative state and for relaxation. We allow the mind mental freedom to personalize it. 


Adding Sensory detail.

Once you are able to “see” images, even if they are snap shots on your inner screen, it is possible to build on that by adding sensory detail. 

How do you feel “swimming”? Imagine being cradled by the water, feeling yourself glide with each stroke etc…

This is your own visual experience. Allow your senses to flesh out detail and expand your experience in the present moment.  This can be great fun. Imagine picturing a sandy beach and a magnificent blue sky while working in an intense work environment. This allows you to “flip” the stress switch off for a moment, re-boot and re-focus.


Tagging Memories.

If you can imagine and visualize your kitchen, why not add a memory to this place that you love as a form of meditation? 

My grandparents lived next door to me when I was growing up. I would often have tea with my grandmother after school. She would set the table with the nice china as if I were a special guest and I would love watching her prepare the tea. I have very fond memories. For me, it is a powerful meditative reference for love, home and connection to others in conversation.  Do you have a beautiful memory that takes you to a place and time like this? 

We can strengthen memory through adding more detail and supporting them with happy visual snapshots.  It also creates meaning behind the most mundane things, that when examined more closely, become precious. Being present, more mindful is part of expanding the “living” in the present. 

I encourage you to consider visual meditations. They can be a wonderful addition to your meditation practice. 


reality surfing. Image of surfer walking in sunset.

Your inner movie screen is an essential link you can use to deeply relax, for tapping into and retrieving details, and for enhancing your ability to recall/ remember. Use visualization to reach new levels of perception and awareness in your meditation practice.

Visualization can also be a mindfulness meditation practice. Imagine and appreciate something in detail, see it in your inner movie screen and experience the fullness of that memory through observing yourself in that “present”  moment. 

The process of learning how to visualize can be a highly personalized journey. Things, places and people that hold great meaning will be expanded through this meditation practice. I invite you to test it out for yourself. You may be pleasantly surprised at the results. 

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