Relaxation Re-invented Meditation workshop.

Can you imagine yourself here?

Deep Relaxation Re-invented Workshop Isn’t Just for meditation hacks and relaxing the body, it’s perfect for relaxing the mind. It can help anyone who hasn’t been able to sit still and meditate or is easily distracted.  
Apply simple techniques. Shorten meditation sessions. Mix the approaches. 
Expect to find the best approaches for YOU that give you greater focus. 

So many are lost in scrolling habits. And, the eye is trained to shift and move every ten seconds. This distraction is ruining the gifts of many people. 

Relax and let go. Allow your mind to rest and restore itself and re-focus. 

By learning how to break the cycle with short meditations and different approaches to relax , it is possible to restore your ability to observe and sharpen your focus.  You might notice improvements in your memory and relaxation sessions that create deep rest will be welcomed after a long busy day. 

For a decade I have been applying techniques in visualization, meditation and “repetitive movement” as a mindfulness meditation practice.  

What I’ve discovered is that the reason why it’s so difficult to focus is because you aren’t able to relax the body and the mind. 

My journey into relaxation began with a cycling accident. I needed to manage stress but despite using general techniques to relax and meditate, my mind kept very busy. It felt uncomfortable to sit still. 

During a simple swim therapy session, I let my mind follow the movement of my arm and noticed a “calm”. My mental chatter had reduced and a zone of peace was created. 

I have been experimenting with relaxation in shorter sessions to improve my focus, my memory and for creating a deep rest that has been crucial when working under pressure. I have seen progressive and positive changes in my own life over the past 10 years. Experience, insights and meditation hacks that will adapt to who you are what I am wanting to share with you in this workshop. 

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This 6 week online workshop begins JUNE 17th.  [ applications accepted until Jun 21st. ] 

Limited spaces available.  

If you’re interested, please click the Sign Up link below. You will be taken to a small application form and will have a chance to schedule a short visit with me to see if this is a good fit for you.   

I’ll see you soon!