Nature’s Energy Meditations. Restorative practices you’re doing already.

Adopt the pace of nature. Her secret is patience."

Recognizing the energy of Nature.

There is a distinct “feeling” when you are out in the elements, close to the sea, walking in a forest, following a hiking trail in the mountains or listening to birds chirping. That “shift” is a washing clean of our heaviness in energy and spirit and a resounding nature  “hug”.  We feel better, clearer and less bothered by where we are.  Instead we take in the sounds and breathe in the fresh smell of clean air.  

Nature is therapy.  An energy meditation for busy minds, it is a needed pause in schedules and deadlines. It is also a source of healing, if we allow ourselves to be present in nature or to use our imagination to bring the feeling of being there to us through visualization. 


Tapping into "Grounded" states.

Do you like to take your shoes off when you get home?  Do you love to put your bare feet in the sand on the beach? 

Both are grounding instincts. We connect to the ground beneath us through our feet and energetically create a link to Gaia. 

A simple technique to become more grounded and less thrown off my the energy of others is to become more present. Move out of your own head and step into your body. Feel the energy levels. Once you acknowledge your present moment, it will be easier to make decisions in a more serene state. It will return you to a calm empowered position in changing conditions. 


Cleansing energies. Nature's re-set.

Negative ions are present near oceans, waterfalls, rivers, forests, mountains and are, especially, produced by plants. 

I can't imagine anything more important than air, water, soil, energy and biodiversity. These are the things that keep us alive.

Mindfulness and Energy states.

Our energy states can be shifted by mindfulness. By paying attention to how we are feeling and observe the details of where we are and, not to the chatter in our minds, we can direct our own energy to be more positive and up-lifting. This is a meditation practice, you might be already doing, that is elegantly simple and complex at the same time. Allow deeper perceptions of your self over time. It can bring an incredible shift in understanding of “BEING”. 

Gratitude practice is also powerful for shifting us out of negative place and pattern. By adding more  plants to your environment and spending more time in the outdoors, in the sun, it is possible to  manage stress and heal over-worked minds. 


Instinctively we are compelled to ground ourselves, and gravitate toward nature and natural spaces to “get away from it all”. This pull to be washed over by negative ions and receive a cellular massage , is an act of self-preservation. 

Go with the flow and immerse yourself in nature. Surround yourself with plants if you can’t physically get away. You’re already moving with the energy of your own nature.  Something we already have “installed” within us. 

Allow an energy upgrade through mindfulness. Be present and observe. It’s  nature’s way of calming over-loaded circuitry. 

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