Mind over Matters. Developing greater Focus.

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Rule your mind or it will rule you.”

The Scattering. Trained distraction recognized.

Shift from being in chaos by stepping outside of it.  Choose to be an observer. This simple idea is a powerful technique for recognizing trained distraction.  While you are drowning in email notifications, social media posts, news, daily tasks , imagine observing you. What are you noticing? Is there a pattern to what you notice? Why? Stand back from yourself. Allow the emotional attachment to the details, the events and the call to respond or to waste time to become more obvious to you. 

Peace of mind is not an impossible state. Allow it through a decision to step back and away when it is needed. 

We are creatures of learned habits. If we decide that we like certain routes to work, we travel them often. It frees up our attention to that detail but lets in a mental noise that distracts our focused attention. It feels as if there is a space that has been freed up and the mental noise floods the mind to keep it distracted at that same level. 

Are we building a tolerance to distraction or is it more “comfortable” to shield ourselves from things that make us worry with distraction habits? 

This scattering is not healthy. We lose precious time.  Held on pause, we get caught in the energy between two outcomes and two realities. Consider developing your power to choose and your attention to detail. Both are liberating and needed for mental freedom. 


Mind over Matters.

What we pay attention to matters. Constant interruptions cause us to be easily swayed, influenced and delayed from what it is we could benefit from focusing on. 

Simple tactics work to break the stronghold.  Stop what you are doing for at least 10 seconds. Either sit still or get up and move away from what captures your  attention. Notice how you feel. Bring your attention inwards.  Breathe in three deep breaths. 

Re-focus. Find where it is you need to re-direct your attention to. What inspires you? Spend a moment thinking about how you will approach the next task and then go back and complete it. 


Sharpening your Focus.

If you have a short attention span and have difficulty focusing on things or miss details, it is possible to train your mind to sharpen it’s focus. 

Take one object that is in front of you. Maybe it’s a flower in a vase, tree outside or a book.  Look at this object for at least 30 seconds. Set your phone timer if you need to and just observe it in detail. Notice things about this plant, tree or book. Colour, textures, the branches and leaves or the type of font used. 

That small pause builds focus. You can even use where you are and what surrounds you to observe detail and observe how it feels to be there. 

This not only strengthens your focus but memory as well.  Continued “flexing” of your mental muscles to recall, describe and notice in greater detail will expand your abilities to observe and also, strengthen your ability to choose what you want to focus on. 

breaking free. Light streaming in. Diving into your consciousness

Moving Meditations. Liberty through focus.

If you feel uncomfortable sitting still in meditations, learning how to focus will set you free. Literally. Heal the ability to focus, just a little and it will tilt the needle enough to allow moving meditations. This was revolutionary to me and was a welcomed relief. Being able to notice detail of one movement allowed me to find moments of inner peace. 

This may seem ridiculous to those who can’t seem to concentrate and are easily stressed about conditions inside and outside themselves. But it is possible to breakthrough the strongholds that convince us that “it isn’t possible”. 

Small steps change this. And, they can be done in ways that honour the energy and nature of the person.


Being able to conquer distraction is essential for achieving everything that you were destined to do. 

It isn’t a complete shift but a progressive one. You will see yourself becoming stronger mentally and able to choose what you want to focus on.  Free yourself with Observation. It is a crucial skill for breaking free and for empowering your ability to choose. 

There will be obstacles... doubters... mistakes. But with hard work, there are no limits."

Visualize and get the deep rest you need to focus. Imagine a swim or take this one with you to open waters. 

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