How to Create Inner Peace through Flow States.

But because flow activities are freely chosen and more intimately related to the sources of what is ultimately meaningful, they are perhaps more precise indicators of who we are.’’

Peace of mind as a Flow state.

Have you ever considered peace of mind as a flow state? 

Step into the moment and trust that how you feel and what captures your attention is part of the process of returning to a higher state of being-ness. It is easy to become distracted and lose focus. And, then, step into more chaotic energies that can make you feel like you need to put in a lot of effort to neutralize it.  

Just let go. 

Let yourself naturally pause and create a space for inner peace.  Look at peace of mind as a flow state by allowing interfering energies to fall away and make room for inner peace by not resisting the energy. Instead, allow the energies to pass through your body and mind and choose what to acknowledge. 

Choose where your place your attention.  Make your inner “technology” stronger than your outer technology. Listen to inner guidance, your intuition and trust that the choices you make will lead you to flow more effortlessly with events. And, that regardless of what happens, these events and conditions will lead you to your best possible outcome. 

By going with this flow, we can create peace of mind as a flow state. Ordinary tasks become invitations to flow states and a new link to your higher consciousness.


Creating Stillness with Flow.

When things accelerate around us and we are encouraged to keep up, we can create inner stillness with a flow state mentality. Create flow and inner stillness by moving with what inspires you. Allow yourself to rest and re-set. Organize tasks and discover it is possible to get more done in less time. 

Let inner stillness help you to tolerate high volume tasks and large goals.  Imagine standing in the middle of a fast moving river and the water moves around your feet. Ground your energy and adapt.  


Inner stillness is our key to outer strength.

surfer in turbulent waves

Repetitive movement and Flow States.

Break free from what holds you back. Allow physical movement to shift your mindset towards peace.  Focus on one detail about your movements.  Observe the flow of the movement. Let other thoughts and stressors fall away into the background. As we step into the process of movement, our mind will let go of its grip on controlling our Be-ing.  Notice that when the mind lets go of capturing every stressful thought, we fall into a zone of inner peace. 

Repetitive movements such as walking, running, hiking, swimming, yoga etc  as well as following the flow of your breath offer opportunities to create deep rest in the body and a mental re-set. 

Create a mental sanctuary by choosing where you place your attention. Sharpen your focus and empower your actions with simple changes. It is can be as easy as noticing your own breath. 

Empty yourself of everything – let the mind become still.”

Inner peace is not reserved for enlightened beings. Step into the flow of inner peace through meditation, sitting still or moving. It is possible to create a flow state of inner peace by allowing yourself to be inspired and choose what to focus on in the moment. While every meditation session may not offer the same results, we can move toward our true north by consistent practice.  Moments of calm, moments of feeling peaceful are worth the investment of a few minutes a day. 


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Inner peace begins with loving kindness.

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