How to Meditate under Pressure.

If you fear make it work for you. Stop. And, Just Do.

Feel the Fear and Meditate anyway.

 How do you meditate when you are under pressure, not able to relax ? What mental shift is needed to bring relief and more mental clarity?

One strategy to try is to capture the mind with the body.  Just sit and take in three deep breaths and slowly exhale. Bring your high level of distraction and emotional “high rev” into a calmer state. It may not work but it is an excercise in taking control over your state of  mind.  Your attempted rested state just may allow you an opportunity to see things more clearly. 

Even if the mind is scattered and stressed out, seizing a moment to be present is a victory.  Become the observer and not the participant. Watch yourself struggle to relax and watch the thoughts that drift through your mind.

The Now is a power position. The past is energy consuming and the future, if we let it, can be fear invoking. 

Another strategy is to let movement lull your mind into a calmer state. Just by shifting your focus it is possible to transform any sport into a meditative practice. Running, swimming, hiking, cycling, walking are all adaptive to meditation.  Once you move your observation from fearful thoughts to observing the flow of movement and how it feels, your mind will let go of the control and will focus on that movement. Worries and fears are temporarily ignored. Your mind will become more calm and open to receiving intuitive insights and inner guidance. And, the movements will burn up stress chemistry in the body promoting deep relaxation and tiredness that will invite needed rest. 

The third strategy is to embrace the energy of fear by realizing it is the same feeling as excitement. It’s just that we are choosing to identify it as fear and not as a possible omen of good things to come. Could we just be threatened by change?  

Rest in the moment and allow the body to continue to let go of tension and destructive thoughts. Let your stillness stand in conflict with thoughts that are agitated and are asking you to get up, do something else and walk away. 

Even, if it seems to be fleeting, stepping into the moment more powerfully brings more focus and clarity.  Just keep trying. Break-through is possible.  Inner peace is possible in impossible conditions. 

Stepping intoYour own Power.

You know when you are being pulled by fear and external conditions when you become reactive to circumstances and old emotional triggers.  Psychologists call this emotional dysregulation. You lack self-control. You’re prone to mood swings. In other words, your inner technologies are weak compared to external technologies. 

Step into your power. Embrace your inner world with meditations, exercise and mindfulness. Let the inner world become stronger and a buffer for things outside that once consumed energy and your attention. Stay in your own lane. Fight the good fight. Avoid someone else’s battles. Walk away peacefully. It will do your heart and your mind good

Inner guidance in Meditation.

If you can rest in the moment , chances are your thoughts will “relax” a bit and inner guidance will filter through. 

Have you ever asked yourself a question and as soon as you took your mind off of finding a solution, you received a revelation about it? 

Trying too hard and letting fear distract clear thinking is draining. Use meditation to take back your energy and your own power over your conditioning and conditions. Allow the pause to open your mind to guidance that defies understanding. 

 The answer will find you. 

A man has joy in an apt answer, And how delightful is a timely word!

Faith is a place of mystery, where we find the courage to believe in what we cannot see and the strength to let go of our fear of uncertainty.

 Fear, false evidence appearing real, is convincing but not insurmountable. Meditation is an excellent tool for relaxing the body and calming the mind. Deep breaths, stopping what you are doing for a moment and allowing yourself to be more present will empower you to make better decisions. This sounds easy but it isn’t always easy to do. 

Movement is a perfect medium for releasing stress energy and for sharpening focus. Visualize mental clarity and greater focus and step into that empowered state. Use your favourite sports to adapt to your meditation practice. It is freeing and a wonderful way to find moments of inner peace. 

Embrace fear and use it to take action. Make “meditation” work for you and Just do.  

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