The Sunshine within. Connecting to the Divine Counsellor.

Following your inner guidance has a unique power all its own. Even when others can't understand it, you can feel your soul being pulled to the place it truly belongs.

Energy Telegrams.

The energy of a place, person or even, a memory can influence our own energy [ if we are not aware or let it in]. Sometimes, we aren’t aware that the feelings we have are a reflection of the environment, a result of the energetic soup we are being exposed to and immersed in. 

Energy telegrams try to drive our attention and focus. We can get distracted and feel drained. But they are also a barometer of where we are and can be messengers about our placement. Are we messengers of peace or adjutants? Soldiers without formal rank?

Navigating Dark Days.

If we understand the power of where we are can impact energy, it is much easier to realize that dark thoughts and negative feelings might not be entirely us.  

Find a place to sit and relax. If you can be outside in nature, take a walk or breathe in fresh air and release the negative energy with each breath. If you feel instantly better, you can be certain that it is the energy of the environment that is influencing your sadness, stress, anger or anxiety. 

If being in another location doesn’t soothe your dark day, look deeper and listen to your intuition and inner conversations. They will give you insight into what is driving your feelings.

We also have the power to choose what we think about. Choose your thoughts and decide to not engage with negative people or to energize conversations that don’t support your belief systems. Walk away or minimize your time of “exposure”. 

Clearing Negative Energy.

Here are three simple techniques for clearing negative energy.

Breath. Take three deep breaths and slowly exhale. Be present and allow the body to recalibrate itself. 

Move. Expel the negativity with your own movement. Take a walk, stretch or exercise. Burn up the negative vibes and bring in positive energy, more vitality and better focus. 

Practice mindfulness. Sit still for a moment and observe your thoughts. Let the dark clouds drift through your mind. 



Connecting to your Divine Counsellor.

Being able to listen inwards for inner guidance and hear your divine counsellor is invaluable. No one knows you better.  You can receive amazing insights that will take you where you need to go. They will shine a light on what you need to do next.  Images. Ideas. Feel inspired, understood and empowered.  

How to connect? 

Relaxation opens the energy channels to receive guidance. We can sit in meditation or go for a walk. Have you ever struggled to figure something out and took time out, went for a walk and all of a sudden a solution entered your mind ? 

Let your inner counsellor speak to you by taking time out each day.  Ask a question you want insight into and see what happens.

The sunshine is within. Listen to divine guidance to inspire and empower your next step.  We are more than we realize. Know that, despite being immersed in energy that might feel dark and overwhelming, it is possible to free yourself from its stronghold. Choose what you think about. Spend time in meditation, or have a mindfulness practice that empowers you. Connect to nature. Take deep breaths of fresh air. These are simple but powerful methods to clear negative energy and shed light on energy “interference” and dark days.  

The light shines in the dark and the darkness has not overcome it.

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