Translating Reality. The power of Perception.

The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless.

Your Attention steers your Perception.

When you sit or find a comfortable place to lay down to relax and meditate, would you say your attention is initially scattered?  What does that tell you about how focused you are during the day?

Radically boost your capacity to focus by strengthening your attention. Short meditation sessions will invite your natural perception to grow. As you gain trust in your own inner voice, your intuition and how your body relays information about your conditions and conditioning will become more clear to you. 

Just Be present. Pay attention to how you feel and the thoughts that are drifting through your mind. Let the mind chatter calm down and let your power rise from the inside out. Perception is a summary, a version of who you believe you are in those conditions. By becoming more calm, we have an opportunity to re-set and re-focus our attention and steer our perception powerfully in a positive direction. 

“Calmness is a precursor to mindfulness and a high performance state. “ Soothe your mind, sitting still or by using repetitive movements to meditate.  Create peace of mind and a high performance state at the same time. Click the green link to Read more of this blog post. Calm mind. Inner Peace. Laser Focus. Can they co-exist?

Calmness is the cradle of power.

Observation creates Reality.

Choosing to notice someone, something or an event will offer you vital information about how you perceive reality. For instance, what are you focusing on? What emotions and situations are highlighted? And, does this indicate to you whether your perception is leaning toward negative results or positive ones?

Is the universe friendly or hostile? 

Scientist Robert Lanza suggests that our observations can cause a reality shift.  And, what we observe ignites the energy around certain events.  Like a domino-effect, we offer more attention to fuel and support our perception of the world.  

The observer is the first cause, the vital force that collapses not only the present, but the cascade of spatiotemporal events we call the past. Scientist Robert Lanza The BigThink. Article: Is Human Consciousness creating Reality? 




The past, like the future, is indefinite and exists only as a spectrum of possibilities.

The Zero Point Energy of Mindfulness.

The point of creation is zero point energy. But does this apply to sitting in a meditative state, being mindful of the present moment? 

In my opinion, it does. What we perceive in the moment can shift our conditions and conditioning by how we view the moment. When we are in a peaceful state of being, we are able to neutralize the bias that tilts our perception of reality. We can pay attention to what we choose to pay attention to rather than be reactive to conditions and distraction habits. We take back our power through mindfulness, perception and how we choose to translate reality. 

In an earlier blog post called The Divine Space of Now and Zero Point Energy: “I found a statement in an article in Forbes magazine about Einstein. This is an interesting example about reality creation from a scientist and as an energy perspective.

According to Einstein, the curvature of space determines the future behaviour of matter and energy in the Universe, and the presence of matter and energy determines the curvature of space. Forbes

This changes your placement in the NOW and perception of your skill as an observer doesn’t it?”


cityscape in quantum language.

The power to perceive belongs to you. It can help you shift your energy and attention toward creating a new landscape. Create one with more colour and a more positive perspective on your conditions and conditioning.  Find the advantages and focus on them. Empower yourself with expanding your ability to focus and to quickly neutralize things that “capture your mind” and invoke distraction and loss of “passion” for life. 

Meditation isn’t always perceived as easy or adaptable to each person. But sit in silence, even for two minutes and grow accustomed to hearing  your inner conversations. You will realize that the power has and always will be with your attention. Harness it and protect it. It will encourage you to move forward  and wisely expand your ability to perceive and translate reality. 


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