Luminosity, the Light of Wisdom.

Be here now. Be someplace later. Is that so complicated ?

Discovering Brightness of Mind.

The light you see when you close your eyes. What is it exactly?  Some will tell you that it is your eyes sensing darkness and activating night vision inside your own mind. Others will tell you that your imagination illuminates the mind. And in meditation and mindfulness, the light that is perceived is considered to be your consciousness, made visible.

Choose whatever light path that makes sense to you and feels the most natural to you. And, by recognizing the light, it is possible to grow in Luminosity and take the road to Enlightenment that suits your own soul.  The more we are exposed to our own light and grow in recognizing it, the more we become tapped into the light of wisdom. It “sheds” light on our conditions and conditioning and makes us more aware of what gets in our way to achieving our divine mission.


Mindfulness and Expanding Awareness.

The present moment is rich in content. Appreciate it for what it is and what is highlighted to you. When we sit in meditation and allow the light to bathe us in compassion and loving kindness, it is healing, revelatory, calming to a distracted mind, and simply time to listen to and observe your inner conversations. 


Whatever you're resistant to, follow it.

Waves of light. Quantum imagery. Energy centred and spinning out in photon waves.

Consciousness as Light.

The ancient Egyptians revered light. They saw three stages of understanding. The first was recognizing the light, the second, is living in the light and the third, was BEING the light.  In meditation, it is possible to visualize light and recognize it inside the screen of our own mind. Flickers become flashes, flashes become a flood of light. Soon the experience of using light shifts to becoming more aware of our own energy. We can merge with this light energy and feel it sweep through our minds, removing mental clutter, bringing more clarity, 

The light of wisdom allows you to see yourself as light, see beyond it and through it and not be held back by it.  The Dalai Lama has said that “perception of light” is the starting point.  Develop a brightened mind, elevate your consciousness and infuse your being with Luminosity. Spend some time each day in meditation. Grow stronger in awareness and grow luminous through being consciously more present and focused. 

What feels like small beginnings in meditation can become life changing and very powerful for transforming your awareness, bringing you more strongly into the present moment. Listen to the Light of Wisdom it will give you insights that are customized to who you are and are meant to be. 

A clear lake with wooden posts to illustrate mental clarity.

A meditation for Mental Clarity and Enhanced Memory uses visualization to shine a light on mental clutter and clear out mental cobwebs. Prepare for a mental upgrade and to receive light in this meditation.  Listen to a sound clip @ the Shop or Soundcloud

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