Intuition. The Divine Lightning rod.

"Intuition does not come to an unprepared mind.”

The Divine Lightning rod.

The swift electrical feeling that jolts us into instant recognition. The divine lightning rod is a wondrous thing. More impressive than a starry sky, it is a collaboration of senses, energy, light, chemistry, gut intelligence, being present and being aware of receiving divine guidance.  

What makes this so incredible is its power to influence us. If we ignore it, we are lead to conditions or places that make us realize we didn’t pay attention. If we recognize it and listen, take action on its nudges and watch events swirl around us, it can give us a new perspective on being lead by something larger. 

Lightning rods are placed on buildings like antennae to direct the energy of a lightning strike into the ground. They are instruments to take a deadly force and weaken its impact through redirecting that energy into the earth.  Just like the lightning rod, being receptive to intuitive hits has a divine grounding effect. We sense directives and take action as needed. This message is a protective force, not a destructive one. 

But where does that energy go if we aren’t present?  Do we miss the nudge? or does the energy lodge itself in our bodies until we sense it or does it just leave us to feel unsettled and scattered? 


Inner Knowing.

A chain reaction happens. It is being where we are, listening to how we feel and recognizing we just” know” something. It inspires us to take action. Call or don’t call. Take that plane or cancel that flight. Miss the vacation and choose another place or activity. Cancel an appointment. Choose another  time and day.  Take an umbrella with you. 

Follow the nudge. 

Listen to your thoughts and compelling feelings that drive you to think about something. What would you love to do or where do you want to go. Ask and wait for an answer. Let your observations chisel out an answer.  Being open to intuitive guidance will revolutionize your life. 

Recognizing a the doorway to a High Performance state.

Learning to be more present and listening to your intuition is a high performance state. We can fine tune our antennae by being more present and by listening to your senses more. Pay attention and allow your observation skills to highlight things.  Recognize those things that capture your focus. They may or may not be significant.  Let them stand out as doorways to high performance states.  Follow their lead, allow intuition to accelerate your progress and expand your understanding. 

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“Intuition is always right in at least two important ways; It is always in response to something. It always has your best interest at heart.”

Emotional states and Intuition.

Emotional intelligence activates intuitive states. That gut feeling, the inner “tug” directs our attention and floods us with information and encourages us to act or not act. 

But what happens when we are swept under powerful emotions? Do we fail to hear the inner voice? 

Breath can bring us back into our bodies when we are overpowered with grief, fear, anger or even, joy. Find a way to step out of the spin cycle of losing control and shift your focus with your own breath. Breath redirects your attention. Follow the feeling of your breath through your nostrils and “come back” to the moment. Listen inwards. 

What do you “just know”.  Wait and then follow your instincts. 

Emotion often outwits intelligence, while intuition renders life surprisingly fluent and enjoyable.”

The divine lightning rod can change our lives if we choose to be more present and listen inwards.  Intuition can be a high performance state that will lead us to choose the best path for us. 

No one can be us or understand what might resonate with us or compel us to choose X versus Y. It just is. But in hindsight, this choice may be an incredible Godsend.  Follow you own path, listen for nudges and integrate intuition into more of your choices. You will be thankful you did. 

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