Beauty of the moment.

Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.

Being in the Moment.

It is a blessing to recognize the beauty that is all around us. Just by adding dimensions to that moment with how you feel, what you hear, what you smell, taste or touch, it is possible to expand the experience of being alive. It is incredible to realize we are living less than we could.  And by being swept up in the busyness of the moment, we have been accepting a kind of dimmer switch on our lives. 

We can’t imagine the degree that we can experience the moment without acknowledging our senses and where we place our attention. Simple gestures of taking time out or shifting our focus are where we can be truly powerful. 

There is so much beauty around us. Noticing it, being grateful and appreciating it, changes everything. 

Gratitude and noticing Beauty.

Elegant ideas, technologies, modern conveniences, nature and its complexity, you don’t need to look far for something to be grateful for. And, within that, it’s beauty. 

Not a day goes by that we can’t see and appreciate something that is beautiful that makes our life easier and beautiful as well. 

Nature extends Love.

Sunshine. Wind. Rain. Snowflakes. The smell of rain or apple blossoms.  We interact with the elements and don’t even think about , except when we are challenged by it. 

A heavy downpour might be wonderful on a cabin roof but not as wonderful when you are caught without an umbrella. But both are the same rain, just redesigned by the moment.  

Practice mindfulness, learn to be more present. There is elegance and perfection in each snapshot. None will be exactly the same.

Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.

Nature's call to connect.

A fresh snowfall, and a pair of skis or snowshoes. We connect to the elements when nature blesses us with a place to play and explore. 

Starry skies, polar nights and northern lights, we can sit underneath the canopy and connect. 

Rain forests, old growth forests and mossy trails, we can connect to the Earth and the smell of cedar and trees. 

We are surrounded by beauty. Nature and our own experience of being present in it makes life and being in it more beautiful. Spend time immersed in beauty. Indulge in a mindfulness meditation practice. It will truly amaze you how powerful it is and how it energizes you. 

Our attention is what changes what we experience and notice. Move beyond distraction and negative experiences and return to nature and your own life. You will feel re-energized, more focused and  empowered.  It really can be that simple. 

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