Synchronicities. Aligning with Inner Guidance.

Everything is interwoven, and the web is holy.

Aligning with Inner Guidance.

Being open to inner guidance is a hallmark of meditation. With enough deep reflection and relaxation, it is possible to receive insights that are invaluable. But what does that say when these insights lead us to witness a series of domino-effects, where things “line up” unexpectedly? Synchronicity is an interesting reflection of aligning with inner guidance. Being in the right place at the right time feels like the “universal consciousness” is talking to us somehow. 

But how can we make sense of it when inner conversations can pull on our emotions? We have memories and expectations. How is it possible to make sense of what we are receiving is not under the influence of old patterns and traumas  that don’t serve us? 

Meditation opens the gate to divine guidance that speaks beyond conditioning. It summons up bravery and offers us the freedom to choose to step beyond old limits. Moving into alignment with your best self might mean you will need to listen more, meditate often and be prepared to drop your filters of expectation. Just relax and allow yourself to be open. 

One caveat about synchronicity is that it can reinforce a perception of the world working for us or not in our favoured direction.  Being able to tap into our inner guidance and allow synchronicity to invite us to follow a particular path is the alignment. It is a way to prevent us from moving on an expected path. Instead,  it asks you to move into your own lane in life and follow your own path and fulfill your divine purpose. 


Psychology of Synchronicity.

The phenomenon of synchronicity is a play on one’s innate quest and yearning to find meaning in life. Victor Frankl’s book ” Man’s Search for Meaning” described that under the worst conditions, it is still possible to assign meaning and to create freedom in the mind.  For Carl Jung, synchronicity was evidence of “unus mundus”, Latin for one world, where there was unity of the physical and the psychic.  Regardless, is synchronicity a psychological tool to ease our suffering? or a universal message to encourage us to move forward? 

Both of these are supportive to us. 

It is a matter of us believing in something and receiving confirmation through what we see. Rather than seeing something and then, believing in its existence.  Depending on where your belief model lays, it is possible to step beyond the attachment and let go of our expectations with synchronous events.  The power lays in how you assign meaning, whether you feel connected , or disconnected. Trust inner guidance. 


Anything that occurs once can never occur again. But, should it happen twice, it will surely happen a third time.

Entangling with Quantum Reality.

Old double-slit experiments with light particles support that the observer creates reality.   It is our attention that captures details, discovers and appreciates synchronicity and opens itself to being a creator through observation. If that is true, is synchronicity a demonstration of becoming entangled in quantum reality?  Will this radically change our perception of synchronous events? 

Recent discoveries in entanglement might shift our perception even more.  Experiments where one entangled pair of particles can influence the other, regardless of distance has the potential to radically transform information travel. It will be instantaneous. This will also shift our entanglement with reality and open us to exploring the “matrix” on a new level. 

Synchronicity can be spiritual, psychological, scientific and a demonstration of being connected to a higher order.  By entangling with our own perception, it is possible to create through what we observe and how we assign meaning. While many will tell you that nothing is by chance. It definitely is by choice.  Listen to divine guidance.  Choose your path. 

Find your true north with  a meditative and mindfulness practice.  It will lead you to step back and objectively “observe”. 






I am open to the guidance of synchronicity and do not let expectations order my path.

Surfing Reality and Time Lines.

Intentional creators might choose to meditate and tap into another expression of the self.  This concept is fascinating because it suggests that there are infinite paths and expressions of yourself out there.  If another version of you exists in another time line, is synchronicity a signal of “overlap”? a universal energy leak? or a signal you are moving over to that new time line and merging with new you? Some will tell you this is the case. That these are universal bread crumbs to let you know you are transforming and becoming that other YOU. 

 Part of the puzzle rests is in what we believe is possible.  If don’t recognize what it would be like to be the new you, the coincidences surrounding it will go unnoticed.  If you don’t believe it is possible to transform into that version of you, again, this will go unnoticed.  You have the power to choose what you want to pay attention to. 

 Coincidences are reminders of possibilities.  Everything is possible. 


The appearance of synchronous events, especially the kind that are so outrageously unexplained, show us our connectedness to something much larger. You might ask yourself about divine guidance and on the other hand, ask about the science, the quantum field and the concept of different realities overlapping, perhaps? 

The truth about being in the moment is precious. What something means and is meaningful is personal. Where we are and what we are doing is reflected in events that are internal as well as external. 

Meditation is our way to enter into awareness of the inner dialogue and brings to light your personal well-being.  Appreciating synchronicity is part of the mystery, the psychological unravelling of the meaning of the moment, just for you to see and acknowledge.  It is not about expectation ordering your steps as the Dalai Lama has pointed out. It is about being open to guidance through its synchronicity that matters.  Stay open. Stay joyful. 

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