Light in Meditations? Neuroplasticity and Improved Performance.

Nothing can dim the light that shines within.

Meditation and Visualizing Light.

When we sit or lay down to meditate and close our eyes we begin to step inside to relax. Sometimes as we breathe we see flashes of light. Maybe, we’ll see glimpses of images in our mind. A memory, perhaps.  Breathing slows and we observe the mind chattering. We let it. And, with deep slowed breathes we anchor ourselves and notice how thoughts can pass through the mind like clouds. 

Not all meditations are like this one. Every meditation is different and personal; commanded by our discipline, impatience, fatigue and  vitality.  Being present in the moment is what matters. We don’t need to see light in every meditation to feel complete or to know that we have successfully grounded ourselves or connected all of ourselves,  the mind, body and the soul. 

Every meditator knows that as we connect to our own breath we become more aware of being present and alive.  Not always can we relax or see light in meditations. And, if we do see light it doesn’t mean there is something wrong with the meditation. Or, that we are “breaking” something inside ourselves doing it. Instead, we are sensing and seeing our own luminous energy. It is part of self-mastery. 

Luminosity is a sweeping hand of energy that can flood us and bring such a peaceful feeling.  When we do experience it, even for a moment, it an exciting invitation to experience more of it and to learn more about our own journey to shift into a higher level of consciousness. 


In the Buddhist tradition, monks who visualize light or see it believe that one is receiving loving kindness and wisdom.  There is a connection to divine wisdom and higher levels of consciousness.  This light is a conduit to relieve suffering. It endows the recipient with happiness.  


When you visualize light or let yourself see light inside your mind, what happens to you? What do you notice?  The Light or the energy [ how it feels} or both? 


Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor.

Third Eye opening. Activation by Light.

Being open to divine guidance and understanding is one perception. Others may tell you that seeing light within during meditation is a signal that the third eye is opening and the pineal gland is being activated. 

The activation and empowerment of the meditator with light codes and higher levels of consciousness are gifts of the third eye.  It is said this inner sight sharpens intuition and allows your perception to elevate. 

Sitting in silence allows you to notice subtle changes in what you are hearing, smelling, seeing and feeling. You are fine-tuning your senses and expanding your awareness.  But you might also be tapping into old memories and the light flashes might be taking those memories and holding them up to your inner screen to see them again. 

Seeing light isn’t always about the third eye. It can be about moving your own energy and sensing it. Be present and allow each meditation to be what it is. Go with the energy of the day and the moment. Light or no light. Peaceful and less than peaceful. Focused and less than focused.  It will enable you to shift more quickly into new levels of understanding.  By this mindfulness practice, you will become activated  by your own energy and experience. 


There is no failure in meditation. There is just do or do not.

Neuroplasticity and Light in Meditation.

The retina in the eye has three types of rods that are photoreceptors. One rod detects high level light and the other rod in the retina detects low level light. There is also a third that detects melatonin that allows one to adapt to darkness. This is produced by cells of the pineal gland as well as photoreceptors on the retina. [PubMed]

The experience with the third eye and seeing more light in meditation offers an interesting twist on inner seeing.  As we move our luminous energy and learn to detect it in the darkness with the pineal gland opening, we allow shifts in our awareness and performance. 


Neuroscientists will tell you that experiences with light in meditation expand neuroplasticity and potential for important and lasting shifts in performance. [ do- some- people- see- white -light -during – meditation] 

In other words, being able to see light in the darkness of the mind during meditation may signal improvements in perception that can have long lasting effects.  

A face filled with dots of light, interconnected. Receiving light energy.

Meditation can offer you many roads for inner exploration.  Explore chakras, energy and learn to be more present with mindfulness. Use the power of your own breath, humming, chanting or use repetitive flowing movements to calm the mind chatter.  All of these will interconnect and can bring you experiences with your own energy, your own LIGHT. 

Many will offer you great accounts about what happened to them during meditation. Seeing light isn’t meant to be scary or a physical or neurological hazard to achieving moments of inner peace.  Instead, the path of LIGHT is meant to be personal. It is what happens in the moment. It is about impermanence. Your journey. Your experiences. You expansion of awareness and consciousness.  Meditation brings more empowerment and cultivates more loving kindness directed toward yourself.   A moment with inner peace.  And, a visit with the brilliant and holy light of divine guidance.  

Be compassionate with your own path of LIGHT. It will be your own and will never be the same as someone else’s. 

Have a brilliant week.

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