Nature therapy. Meditations in Season.

Nature does not hurry. Yet everything is accomplished.

Meditations in Season.

If you live in either the northern or southern hemispheres, and are lucky enough to experience four distinct seasons , you will appreciate the impact the seasons might have on your energy, meditations and mindfulness.  

 We might feel inspired by sunny days or comforted by rainy days. We  might want to curl up in a blanket with a cup of coffee or tea and be mindful.  Or, connect to the energy of the EARTH through grounding meditations. No matter where we are and what the weather is like outside, we can choose the weather inside by moving with the energy of the season and becoming more centred by it.


Trusting the elements.

Rain, snow, sunshine, crunchy autumn leaves, wind and thunderstorms, the smell of rain can be a central element of any mindfulness meditation. Follow your intuition to choose your elements and the type of meditation.  And, acknowledge your own energy.  The statement “follow your bliss” by Joseph Campbell resonates with changing seasons and the celebration of  the elements. 

Some themes for each season are listed below but what each season means to you, your own memories,  is what matters.


  • The colour green.
  • New shoots, new directions.
  • Budding trees and flowers . Evidence of transformation. 
  • Birth /rebirth.


  •  Sunny days.
  • Growth.
  • Everything is in bloom


  • Harvest.
  • Cooler days.
  • Frost.
  • Leaves changing colour.


  • Shorter days.
  • Snowfall or rainfall. 
  •  Plants wither and decompose. 
  • Trees slow down to conserve energy and remain in dormancy. 

Memories and Mindfulness.

Seasons also bring reflection and memories.  They invite us to appreciate the present with Gratitude. Whatever season in life or time of year you may be in, consider a mindfulness meditation that celebrates the present moment with gratitude. 

Empowering. Elevating. And, Restorative.  It may not change the past or mend disappointments and doubt. But, meditation that floods the heart with self-love will restore your energy and offer you an invitation to LIVE more each day. 

Celebrate your season.

Nature's therapy.

Nature has colour, smell, sounds, creatures, incredible landscapes and vistas that are so immense, it makes us feel so small and insignificant. Lose yourself in nature’s therapy and feel the environment shift your energy and mindset. Just being there or imagining being there is enough to move you into an elevated state.  

Natures tonic [ excerpt from blog post: Energize your day with 3 simple vitality inducing techniques. ]

The smell of trees. The soft mist of the ocean spray or a garden fountain. Small birds twittering. Bees hovering over flowers. These change our energy by calming it down. Intuitively we seek the outdoors to get away from it all but it just brings us closer to our authentic selves. It gives us an energetic reboot, a reset that is breathed in and experienced as peace of mind. Nature is a tonic that cleanses our energy. When you are feeling burned out, take a few minutes to breathe in the sunshine, the rain, the wind or the snowflakes. It will shift your energy and awareness. Sometimes, we are too busy to love and adore being alive. Too much mental suffering and not enough love of self. Just a moment spent on YOU my loves and lovelies will transform you and make you realize what a powerhouse you are. “

Visualize yourself in your happy place. Is it on the mountain-side? Near a lake or ocean? Is it walking through forests?

Celebrate the seasons and choose elements that up-lift you.  They are a powerful “influencers” of our energy and our peace of mind. 

With gratitude friends.  Have a wonderful week in celebration. 

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