Simple Meditations for Inner Peace.

If the ocean can calm itself, so can you. We are both salt, water mixed with air.

The Observer.

One place to begin when setting an intention to become more peaceful and to create more inner peace is to step back and observe.  By becoming an observer rather than a direct participant, it is possible to view conditions and our own conditioning more clearly.

Emotional stress can pull us off centre. We might have a hard time sitting still or focusing in order to relax.  Try simple breathing meditations to discharge emotional energy or activate a calmer state with a moving meditation. For example, it is possible to turn repetitive movements such as walking, running, swimming into a meditative practice. I will describe these in more detail below. 


The power of breath.

breath activated focus

We can shift our anxiety and emotional state as well as our overall physiology quickly by using breath. 

Slow, deep breaths release tension and allow the body to settle into a more relaxed state. Once the body slows down and relaxes, the mind catches up and we can observe thoughts more objectively.


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The incredible flow of moving meditations.

There is a lot to be said about “just going for a walk” when we are stressed out. The repetition and the incredible flow of movements are catalysts for releasing blocked energy and emotions. 

Allowing the body to mechanically release energy while pacifying the mind that is overworked with details and “worry” energy is an  elegant form of meditation. 

We can master our state by sitting still, observing it and letting it go or by physically nudging it to release by moving. 

Go with what feels the most natural to you. Some events require movement. You might have to walk through it before you can move forward.  Breathe!

The power of Silence.

We extend an invitation to inner peace when we turn off all our devices, let distractions go and return our attention inward to our own self. Meditation, in my opinion, is love turned inwards.

In silence, everything is possible. We recognize weaknesses, gather strength and allow the mind, body and spirit to heal brokenness. 

Never under-estimate the power of silence as a form of meditation. If you can slow yourself down enough to notice, you might get a flash of insight that changes your entire outlook on things. You might solve a problem you had been “resistant” to tackle.  Remember, challenges are just opportunities waiting for you to notice.

Simple meditation:

Close your eyes and take in a deep breath. Release it slowly. Feel the air travel through your nostrils and out through your mouth. Take two more deep breaths in and out. 

Just sit still and notice  how you are feeling, your thoughts and take in your surroundings [ sound, smell, touch etc]. Observe yourself in the present moment.  

The connection with divine guidance.

Meditation puts you in direct alignment to receive divine guidance. Trust the “time out” will be beneficial and relaxing.  Open your thoughts to receiving unexpected thoughts, insights and mental clarity. 

The unexpected advisor. The path of Intuition and inner peace.

Being more peaceful, regardless of external conditions, opens another energy pathway. You can sharpen your “radar” and just know intuitively that something isn’t right or that someone isn’t who they say they are. You will notice details or specific details will become more prominent in your observation. You will get an intuitive hit about its meaning or how it fits into a larger puzzle. Insights will defy logic. You will wonder how you already understood and just knew “that” before it become more apparent to you.

Breathing Meditation.

Find a comfortable place to sit, lay down or find a beautiful path to walk on. Close your eyes for a moment. 

Take 3 slow deep breaths in. Feel the air flowing through your nostrils and then feel the air release through your mouth.

Count after each breath. At the count of 3 open your eyes.

For the remainder of your walk or meditation, focus on the flow of the breath. Nothing else. 

Let your mind become more calm. Let thoughts travel through your mind like passing clouds. Just let them go. 

As you follow the flow state, step into a peace zone. 

Moving Meditations.

Repetitive movements are perfect for easing a troubled mind and for creating inner peace. Activating the body, discharges held energies and negative emotions. It allows you to let them go. 

The repetition lulls the mind into submission. It releases it’s grip on controlling movements and thoughts. It allows inner peace to take its place. 

Choose an activity that you love. For this example we will be choosing walking. 

Find a beautiful place in nature to walk such as a tree-lined street or a park. 

Take three deep breaths in and release slowly.  Before you begin your walking meditation, choose one thing to focus on in your steps forward. Your feet touching the ground with each step, toes curling with each step, the pressure on your feet with each step etc. 

Now with each step focus on that one thing. Let other thoughts go. Walk forward and allow the body to relax into the meditative state. Moving meditations are brilliant for allowing forward movement. A positive healing effect for times when we feel stuck, trapped and unable to change conditions. It lets the mind release its hold on fear and release it. 


There are many roads to inner peace. But the most effective are the simple, and short meditations that feel the most natural to you. Just focus on your own breath or listen to the silence. These can be simple but very powerful meditations to create inner peace.  

If you prefer to be moving rather than sitting still, it is possible to turn your favourite sports activity [ that has repetitive, fluid movements] into a meditation practice. By using one of the movements as a point of focus and it can be a profound catalyst for the mind to shift into a peace zone. 

Is it time to change the way you look at meditation and inner peace?  Simple meditations for inner peace are essential for navigating daily challenges. Add these lovingly to your daily meditation practice to change your energy and allow your intuitive and divine guidance to shine through negative thoughts and fear.


Have an incredible week. 


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