Gratitude, The meditative Prayer of Thankfulness.

Whatever you appreciate and give thanks for will increase in your life.

So many things can go unnoticed and be taken for granted. There are so many simple things that are incredible gifts or are so beautiful we don’t take the time to appreciate them.  For instance, nature is spectacular with its weather and seasons, flora and fauna. What about our daily conveniences? Or that One person’s greeting or smile that changed our day? 

Gratitude is a prayer, a mindset and a meditation. 

Just the little things that bring us happiness need to be focused on rather than the problems or the disappointments. Gratitudes lift us up and shifts our perception, our focus and our ability to notice the good in the challenges. Celebrate your blessings and see them grow exponentially.  All it takes is a few moments at the start of your day to put your energy in a more positive and powerful place. 

Gratitude shifts perception.

The moment we turn our attention to gratitude, we see the veil of failure and the negative attitude that distracts and defeats us before we begin, lift and fall away.  We get a reprieve from pessimism and our perception of what is possible changes. Everything becomes possible when we choose to be grateful for what we have. 

 Appreciation is an energy “transformer”and a healer. It allows you to leave the past behind. It places attention on the present and what blessings it has. 

Thankfulness as Prayer.

In every way and everywhere we acknowledge this with profound gratitude.

A small thank you is in its own, a prayer. Listen to your inner guidance.  Give thanks for what you have, for your gifts and your blessings. See them expand and your world and perception of it, change positively. 

Expect to be set free from the strongholds of the past, the patterns that delay blessings.  And now, in gratitude, find the laser focus that is needed to live in greater joy. 

Appreciation and Mindfulness.

Mindfulness meditations focus on the present moment. It asks us to discern how we feel and what our senses are telling us. 

Appreciation is the next level of discernment. It allows presence, mindfulness, a form of prayer and is a meditation on its own.  It expands and acknowledges the blessings, no matter how small or how few they might be. Trust that your awareness will expand outwards and inwards.  Let thanks expand and fine tune your energy and the experience of living in the moment. 

Exploring Abundance.

Shifting a poverty mindset to an abundance mindset or possibilities mindset, give thanks for the abundance you now have. Think about the  conveniences, the opportunities, the people around you and where you live. 

Think about and imagine the unlimited supply of plants in nature. Think of a seed and how it grows and creates a new plant, a flower, a vegetable, a fruit or a majestic tree.  Or consider raindrops and the abundance of them during a rainfall. 

Let your thoughts that are positive and supportive be like planted seeds. 

We live in limited thinking through conditions and conditioning. Open your thoughts to gratitude as a doorway to abundance. It will shift you to another level of appreciation and awareness to experience even more abundance. 


Morning Gratitude Meditation.

A sunrise meditation. Person in their centre, flooded with light.

Beautiful at sunrise. 

Find a comfortable place to sit or lay down. Take a deep breath in and exhale slowly. 

Turn your attention inwards. Notice your energy. How does it feel right now? 

Imagine a waterfall of light over your head. Let the light travel down through the top of your head to the bottoms of your feet. let the light travel down deep into the Earth like tree roots and then imagine it travelling back up again through your feet and flood your body with Earth energy. 

Let your mind relax and focus on your breath. 

Meditate with gratitude. Let thoughts run through your mind with what you appreciate and give thanks for. Be present in the moment. Let the gratefulness shift your perception and offer flashes of insight. 

When you are ready to end the meditation, take a deep breath and open your eyes. 



It is easy to trivialize gratitude. We get pulled into the flow of a day and don’t recognize the small and profoundly wonderful things that surround us or come into our view each day. 

Taking time to appreciate the moment brings us more powerfully into the present. You can let distractions and irritations go more easily by changing your perspective on where you are, right now. There is a lot to be grateful for that is waiting for you to just notice. 

Have a wonderful week, internet friends and family. 

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