A Breath of Light. Meditations for Empowerment.

Do the thing you think you cannot do.

The path of Light.

Sitting in meditation bathed in morning sunlight is empowering, energizing and calming. There is nothing that compares to the warmth and the energetic hug.  But visualizing light moves us powerfully to embody it and to use it to transform our entire energy state. 

Step into the path of light in meditations. It is an incredible tool to re-set your energy, re-focus and to shield from negative energies.  Listen inward to guidance. Consider your next step, regain your confidence, reflect, pause and re-calibrate your energy. 


Using Light as a Shield.

Light can be used to shield us from negative energies, toxic environments and energy-draining people. Visualize surrounding yourself with a bubble of light that deflects negative thoughts, energy and one that offers intuitive insights about where you are. 

Try this experiment. Imagine a protective bubble of light around you before walking into a building. Sense the “emotional weather” and the feeling of this place. Do you get a gut reaction to this place, does it pull you to enter or impel you to leave? 

Or, with shields up, talk to someone who is notoriously negative or walk past someone negative and see how they respond to you. Chances are, you either walked by unnoticed or you were not drawn into their dark energy and stayed more balanced and centred. 


Empowerment with Light.

Strengthen your energy with light. Simple daily meditations with light will clear out blocked energy, re-vitalize the body and expand your energy field.  This will translate into expanding your energy body and your magnetic field, activating others and yourself more powerfully with your own words, “energy in motion” or emotions and actions. 

Light meditations can also pour energy back into you. For instance, let divine light flood every cell, revitalizing the body, shifting scattered thinking into a more intentional, focused state.  Stay open to “flashes” of insight. 

Use light energy to also calm the mind and the body, to re-focus or to empower you and activate positive movement toward your goals. 


Visualizing Light in Meditations.

  • There are two ways to visualize light, outside in and inside out.  
  • Use both methods to bring in more light and embody it to Be the Light. 

Outside In: 

You are imagining light over your head or breathing it in. The image is held outside of you, pouring light into your body. 

Inside out: 

Light has flooded the body. You are a radiant being that glows with love energy or pure, divine light. You can imagine the light source as your heart and expand it outwards, flooding every cell with love. Or, you can let the inner screen of your third eye show you a ball of light or a lotus with petals of light unfolding and imagining the light from it moving from your third eye to the bottom of your feet. There are many images you can use to imagine light travelling from the inside out.  Domino-effects, one cell activating the next until every cell in your body is lit up. The sky is the limit. 


Travel light.
Live light.
Spread the light.
Be the light.

A Simple Meditation with Light.

  • Find a comfortable place to sit or lay down. 
  • Take in three deep breaths. Exhale slowly.
  • Now imagine breathing in light through your nostrils and out through your mouth. 
  • Let light flood every cell, illuminating every cell and bringing each cell into a state of supreme health and vitality. 
  • Feel yourself glow with radiant health. 
  • Listen inward. 
Let the light guide your intuition to shield, re-set, re-balance and empower your next choice. 

Listen to inner light, it will guide you. Listen to inner peace, it will feed you. Listen to inner love, it will transform you, it will divinize you and it will immortalize you.

Meditations with light are powerful. They are instrumental for cleansing your energy,  finding balance and energizing your state.  While light is often used as a protective shield against negative environments and people, it is possible to integrate light into your daily meditations as an empowerment tool. 

Use it to fine-tune your intuition, declutter the mind and to clear the energy slate before listening inward to guidance. 



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Have a brilliant week. 


northern lights, mix of green and gold in the sky. Light energy in natures spectacular display.

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