Is Self-Love a High Performance state?

To fall in love with yourself is the first secret to happiness.

Not Every Battle is Ours.

The conflicts of others can disturb our peace of mind and hurt our performance. As a good person you can be easily drawn into a fight that isn’t yours; a battle that drains your energy, time and shifts your attention away from your own fight. Allow something greater to step in and fight the good fight. Stay in your own lane. Do what you can to move forward regardless of energetic distractions. In your own way you are creating peace of mind through self-love that will overspill and resonate with others. 

Meditation restores your focus by placing your attention on the inside.  It allows the external battles that aren’t ours to fight to be released. Recaptured energy is used to heal yourself.  What is interesting is that kindness and love directed inward elevates the experience and appreciation of inner peace. Focus on that self, that love and care for who you are and are capable of becoming.  Being YOU in your highest expression is a high performance state. Allow your gifts to be developed and expressed. The world needs ALL of you to show up. 

Accepting What is.

We suffer through our own thoughts, recycling possible disasters or thinking that resolution isn’t possible. But, the most powerful thing you can do to release fear and pressure is to accept what is. And, realize that all things are temporary. Conditions can change overnight. 

Forgiveness is an act of self-love and a linch pin for releasing ” inner steam”. Forgive yourself and set yourself free. Shift your attention to your own empowerment and forgive others as well. Begin each day with a clean and clear slate. Find your focus and restore your power.  Allow yourself to be free to be who you are. Open your heart to discovering your divine essence and the highest kind of love that is just waiting for you to accept it. 

Being Present.

When the path that is so clear to us is fraught with diversions, conflict, adversity, challenge, only love can conquer a distressed mind. Use your own love to heal, transform and create high performance states.

Meditation can restore attention deficits.  Mindfully shift your attention from the outside to inside.  It allows the battles that aren’t ours to fight to be released and energy drains to be blocked. 

Simple breathing meditations. Learning to be present, more deeply relaxed for short time frames sharpens focus and can build and strengthen new mental pathways to high performance. 

There are several meditations that I would recommend for self-love.  Deep relaxation meditations, Blue Sky meditation for stress-relief and sharper focus as well as my favourite meditation for upgrading your memory and performance , meditation for Mental Clarity and Enhanced Memory. 

Gratitude Practice.

Gratitude is pivotal for shifting energy states. Appreciate the little things. It builds resilience and daily recognition for blessings is in itself an expression of victory. 

Self-love is about acknowledging your gifts and appreciating your life. Even if it feels like the hero’s journey into darkness, you know that love of self will carry you through incredible conditions into the light on the other side. Doing so will create “grit” and an inner force to reckon with to as you become exceptional at what you do best.

Time out.

Taking time out is about self-love and allowing rest. Be open to small respites in the day. A coffee in a garden space, a walk along a tree-lined street, listening to ocean waves etc. Work with the energy of nature to give you relief from stress and allow yourself to re-focus.  Purge stress and let your mind find a needed sanctuary of quiet and calm in the chaos of the day. 


Self-love arrives in many packages. Anything, from turning your attention away from things that distract, to spending time in deep relaxation to revive your energy, or being grateful for your gifts, obstacles and the opportunities to overcome them.  All of these shape our perspective and shifts once were stalling points to points from which you can launch yourself into a new state of high performance. 

Have a brilliant week. ,

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