Forgetful? or is your Attention being pulled by Disrupted Energy?

Attachment of anything is the distraction of everything.
Anand Thakur

Interference and Focus.

Whether you are aware of it or not, the energy of the environments that you are in can influence your energy and focus.  Have you ever walked into a room and felt that someone was upset or just knew that something had happened? This is the “emotional weather” that you are discerning. 

Our energy bodies are sensitive and can detect shifts in others and tap into the energetic weather. Turning on lights at dusk and noticing a landscape that is shifting towards a night sky, do you notice the shimmer of the lights? or does your attention draw your focus on the darkening sky?  Both perspectives and expanded experiences are available to us. By resonating more with one or the other, we naturally drive our own energy in that direction. We notice and it sets the tone for what we pick up on after that. 

What is interesting about this is that the kind of forgetfulness that we joke about, might be a result in shifting our attention toward  the interference and not noticing something that is right in front of us, in the present. We don’t notice details, we can’t recall them, and then, decide that we are forgetful. This isn’t always the case. Being focused and more present, opens a whole new window of recognition and level of observation that being pulled in many directions doesn’t offer. When we decide to pay attention to what we are paying attention to, the interference is seen for what it is.  We are able to pull our attention and our focus in a more positive and empowered direction. “


Resisting the Bait.

We can be pulled off course with events, thoughts and feelings that trigger a reaction. These shift our attention.  It can, if we allow it, change how we feel and filters what we perceive.  It is emotional and energetic bait. This disrupts our energy and changes our focus. 

Being able to meditate for short sessions is a very powerful and positive way to re-set your energy and discharge negative energy.  Whenever we feel like we are being triggered, just breathe in deeply and slowly exhale. Focus on the movement of the breath through your nostrils. It can bring you back into your body, and recognize the emotion behind the “trigger”. 


Finding freedom in shorter meditations.

Breaking through negative environments and energies can be done by allowing them to flow through you. Think of the thoughts drifting across your mind like clouds. Observe and allow them to move as they need to move. 

Offering resistance to thoughts and injecting fear into them by amplifying “what if’s”  creates more tension and amplifies the resistance. You give the negative energy more energy by using your energy to block them. 

Shorter meditations calm, soothe and recapture energy that is being siphoned off of you by disruptions. And, interestingly, allow you to focus and improve your memory capabilities. No longer “forgetful”.  You notice more of what’s around you. You capture more life in the moment and expand your impressions. All of these work together to boost memory and re-establish broken energy links that had once scattered your energy, attention and diluted your focus. 

Heart-centered meditations. Find your bliss.

Your own heart is a powerful energy centre. Use it to create a space that is loving and yet, peacefully neutral. Allow time spent in silence or in meditation to filter the love and recycle it within your own self. Nurture yourself this way. The energy that would have been pulled from you and replaced with negative energy can be used to empower and strengthen your own energy body.

Re-connect with your own happiness, your own joy. Be playful with your thoughts too. It is central to healing distraction sickness and poor focus. Follow your heart more and take time out each day to be kind to you. Appreciate the present moment and expand it with your own loving kindness. 

Healing lost time with less time.

Healing the self, the mind and soothing disrupted energies can be done by taking short, frequent breaks. Take time out in silence. Unplug your phone or try short meditation sessions to teach the mind to shift away from thoughts that drain energy and move you into another stream of consciousness that elevates mood. Lift the emotions positively, invigorate the body with moving meditations and allow your full capacity to focus to be unleashed and fine tuned. 

If you can move a little beyond the disrupted energy state, you will find yourself being able to remember things more clearly. Odd connections will bring your mind into a perfect place of rest and you will literally, SEE a mental snapshot of what it is you are wanting to remember. More clarity and better recall might be due to being present and being able to observe more detail, but it also is a by-product of already existing memories and expanding your experience of being more present. 

We can mourn the loss of time but retrieve details and expand the experience of having lived it more completely by being more present. Experience more life. Choose to shift into a more empowered state of awareness. Allow yourself to be present, observe and to recognize interference when triggered or when you see it. 

Simple and shorter meditations that interrupt disrupted states allow us to take our power back and heal.  Focus on your own energy first and protect it through your attention.  Others might try and pull us toward them to join in the “misery”, but decline the gift. We can easily say NO and return this bad energy to its sender by recognizing it for what it is. 


Create more space for mental clarity. This recommended meditation creates a memory super-highway as it relaxes the body.  Get focused.  Meditation for Mental Clarity and Enhanced Memory. 

A clear lake with wooden posts to illustrate mental clarity.

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