The physics of Gratitude Meditations.

Joy is the simplest form of gratitude.

The point of Focus.

Have you ever wondered how you can to super charge your focus?  Think about the energy of gratitude and quantum physics. 

That which you need will be found where you least want to look .  Carl Gustav Jung

 Gratitude and physics may seem like unlikely companions.  But,  think about this as an experiment in energy.  What if we  considered our appreciation as a signal to our energetic systems to “reconfigure” itself ? Just as we can meditate and allow inner guidance to filter through the mind chatter as if we “tuned into” the right frequency to hear it, then consider your state of gratitude, just another level to tune your mind, heart and being into to align with another part of the field of energy most aligned with that frequency, that pulse that quantum reality recognizes?

If the emotion [ energy in motion] of gratitude is positive and it influences your overall energy, why not use this positive force in your meditation practice to super charge your body, to clear out limiting beliefs, to shift your mindset into a high performance state or just use it to sharpen your focus? 

Learn to  magnify your intention and focus by mindfully concentrating on energy. Imagine this magnetic field like a magnifying glass and letting the energy of thought and emotion gather, amplify and filter through it to sharpen it into a single laser point of focus. Use your decision to be present and amplify your energy of gratitude with this energetic lens of observation and intention.  Just as light experiments predicted outcomes by what observers paid attention to, choosing to adjust to gratitude is more than appreciation and letting the praise for the moment transform and heal, it is another path to shifting consciousness and moving toward desired results. 

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.”  Albert Einstein. 

Observing Lightness of Being.

To be content, happy and light-hearted and embody it through observation, are we becoming our own double-slit experiment?  

Gratitude can shift your perception radically. We give thanks and appreciate the present.  The past melts away and any  concerns about the future live somewhere else.  Instead, we have the power to re-create our lives with different thoughts and make very different and empowered decisions.  

Observations have the energy to reinforce gratitude. It is a mental reset and an experiment with your own magnetic field. 

What if you looked at the mind and the heart as power plants of energy?  And, that thoughts that create electrical impulses are always influencing your time-space-reality and energy configuration.  Change your observations.  Change your focus.  Change your outcome. 


Meditations that rest in gratitude are excellent experiments in self observation. Appreciation for what is, including the simple things in life will change the path you walk on and flood it with momentum, blessings and new energy. 


Using Breath for Letting Go.

Release energy through breath and shift your point of focus. 

We can hold ourselves back with habits that don’t serve us. But it is still possible to check-mate those patterns with shifting energy states. And, one of the fastest ways to shift your energy and physiology is through your own breath. Just three deep breaths and slow exhales are enough to clear the mind and allow a subtle energy re-set. 

Stopping panic attacks and fear may not be as simple as a few deep breaths but we can use gratitude meditations to shift what we tune into and move our inner compass strategically toward inner peace. 


Strengthening Self -Worth with daily practice.

Cherish who you are and who you are becoming. Meditation is a place to reconnect with your inner guidance and your own soul. It is an act of loving kindness to hear your mind chatter and to watch emotions wash over and through you and allow the self to heal brokenness.  Gratitude meditations heal and restore our faith in who we are and are yet to become. 


Creating Mental Strength.

Gratitude is important for creating mental strength. Small acts of kindness can save a life and change someone’s day. It can alter how you see the world and yourself in it. And, it can use the moment to offer your own self the chance to begin again. Use meditation as an act of kindness toward yourself. See it as honouring your self-worth and strengthening your resolve to move forward in all types of conditions.  Use your strength to sharpen your focus and energize what you want to pay attention to. 

Deep rest and Deep relaxation.

Being grateful is another form of appreciation, it catalyzes deep rest for a mind overburdened and activates deep relaxation. Allow the resting place for your worry and busy thoughts and let the body re-set itself in deep rest and relaxation. It will change your day and the physics of your destiny.  

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