Finding Higher Ground: 3 Simple techniques to stay Centered.

Walk as if your feet are kissing the earth.

When we are told that balance is needed in chaos, how can we create that? And, why would we want to focus on creating “higher ground”? 

Being grounded and at peace is like being in the centre of a tornado. It allows the storm to surround you but not  destroy you with it. You witness storms as a spectator and guard your own inner peace.

Here, it is possible to create a tether that is energetically strong. It keeps us on track and empowers us. It adds another level of “security” against energies that are negative, distracting and destructive. 

Becoming the mountain.

There are many perspectives on grounding. But, the perception that being more present is what grounded means, is , in my opinion, just half the equation. Being more present is a mindfulness practice that is often used when there is anxiety, panic attacks and PTSD. Even though we might be more aware of the senses, it still leaves the mind and the body energy unconnected to the earth and higher consciousness realms. And, it is  still possible to be thrown off balance by chaos, too many demands and the lack of focus. 

Where you can create more stability, is by anchoring your energy through breath, visualization and/or by learning how to move your own energy. Work with mindfulness and your own presence to create an energetic fortress. You decide what you pay attention to and focus on. You empower yourself by moving to higher ground. 

Imagine yourself to be a mountain. Feel solid in your present location, aware of the many layers of rock and how you merge with and extend into the earth’s crust. Notice the weather changing and clouds swirling around you. Imagine yourself remaining fixed with time and the seasons painting your surrounding landscapes.


As above so Below.

Creating a grounded energy begins with imagining a ball of light over your head. Let the light flood through every cell and exit out from the bottom of your feet. Imagine the light energy travelling into the earth like roots of a tree. Feel negative energy leave and pour down a drain. Let the energy from the earth move up into your feet and let it travel into your root chakra at the base of your spine. 

Feel grounded in the earth’s energy [ affectionately called eco-therapy] and at the same time, let the cosmic energies above your head offer divine insight and higher ground to lean on.

Expanding your energy.

Learning how to move your energy is pivotal for creating a shield that can return negative energy and toxic interference to its sender. Anything that can knock you off balance can be managed by being aware of your energy and that of others. 

Grounding yourself gives you more personal power. It shifts the focus from the negative event or person and offers you more positive energy to notice or to include. It also contributes to your spiritual and energetic expansion. 

Be the light. And let the light expand within you.  

Three methods to ground your energy.


Breathe in slowly and hold you breath for the same number of counts you used to breathe in. Then, exhale for that same count. 

Different number of seconds offer different benefits. For instance, four seconds, the box breathing method, is for high performance and sharpened focus. 

  • Breathe in 4 seconds.
  • Hold for 4 seconds.
  • Exhale for 4 seconds.
  • Hold for 4 seconds. 


Use controlled breaths to become more alert, more relaxed and allow that pause to increase mental clarity.

Others might be able to assign meaning to each breath “count”. But, if you decide that three seconds is all you need to relax, or to release stress, then practicing that might be a discipline that might tremendously assist you in high stress environments.  You assign value and length of breaths, then see what happens.  Very interesting. 

We are masters on the way to  higher ground.



One of the best defences against stress is visualization. It can soothe, provide an escape mechanism for stress overload, becomes a steam valve for energy imbalances and allows you to step into a high performance flow state. 

It can strengthen your experience of feeling grounded and connected to nature through your own imagination. 

Try this example:

Visualize an apple. What colour is it? Where is the apple? On a tree, in a market, being sliced in cubes and turned into applesauce?   

If you have a hard time visualizing it, use a memory of yourself with an apple to inspire your imagination to see it. Are you talking to someone?  walking home from school? Holding the apple in your hand?



Drink water or Shower.

Drinking water can be a meditative experience and a grounding one. Be totally present and take a sip of water. Feel the water in your mouth. Notice it as it travels down your throat. Attach the intention of becoming more grounded as you drink the water. Notice a shift in how you feel. 


Clearing your energy and becoming more grounded can also be achieved by taking a shower. Let the negative energies you may have picked up, wash off and go down the drain. Imagine yourself becoming more strongly rooted  to the earth’s energy. 

Finding higher ground takes practice. But it can provide a space to let the storm of distraction and the feelings of being under a lot of stress to move over and dissolve. Use mindfulness to sharpen your ability to focus and to select what you want to focus on. Become more empowered with grounding. Not only will it shift your mindset, but enable you to move through many conditions without feeling pulled off balance. Others will see it as high performance. You will recognize it as inner peace.

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