The vital link in Moving Meditations.

The body benefits from movement and the mind benefits from stillness.
Sakyong Mipham

Finding your Energetic link.

The quest to learn how to meditate opens the door to “techniques”.  And, glorious ways to test yourself with them. It is pure adventure in the spiritual sense and a place to create a powerful, grounding happy place.

But what If you are forcing yourself to fit into the wrong technique? Easily, convincing yourself that meditation isn’t for you? 

I used to feel meditation was awkward. And, sitting in a certain pose, very uncomfortable and distracting,  But I found something that did resonate with me and I was astonished at how quickly I learned to adapt, focus and place myself into a peace zone. 

The more natural a process feels, the more likely you will adopt it. 

Don’t toss out meditation because it is difficult. Ask yourself if this method feels natural to you. If sitting still is something easy for you, begin with this. If sitting still bothers you, consider mindfulness meditations and moving. It will set you free.

Sitting still vs Moving. Finding the best place to find peace.

Meditation is not evasion, it is a serene encounter with reality.

There is such a push to sit still to meditate. But considering Thich Nhat Hahn’s quote  meditation can be a “serene encounter with reality”, it extends an invitation to transcend being a meditator in one mode and place. In fact, no matter where you are it is possible to engage the world in a calm, meditative state and still remain focused and very present.

  Sitting on your coffee break, closing your eyes for a moment, breathe in deeply and voila, you are in meditation.   When you are walking down a street on your way to work, the birds are chirping and you dial into being more aware of yourself walking. In that instant, you are mindfully in meditation. 

I invite you to use your imagination to meditate as well and transport yourself anywhere. Bring nature therapy to your door with visualization and by drawing on memories. It can be healing, transformative as well as energizing. 

The flow of Moving meditations.

Move-Meditate-relax. Relaxation as you move. Kyaking on a calm lake.

Any sport that has repetitive movements has the potential to be used as a form of meditation.  Follow the flow of your movements. This sharpens your focus and breaks the distraction patterns of the mind by zeroing in on one thing in that moment. You  not only become better at paying attention, you also expand your participation in that present moment. 

The link between energy and accelerating your Mastery.

It is possible to accelerate your self mastery by adapting to where you are and what you are inspired to choose as a meditative practice in that moment. You could be in the middle of a busy workplace or sitting still, surrounded by nature.  Start by introducing small snapshots of meditation into your day. 

It can be as simple as one deep breath and closing your eyes for a moment. It breaks the stress cycles and enables you to move with your own energy and be more present where you are. 

Energy drain cycles. Conquering the desire to resist the wave.

Tiredness is a natural response. But fatigue that deepens and drains your energy is a sign of dis-ease. Break the cycle by using meditation that activates deep rest. It’s like pouring water on a withered plant. It is possible to revive it with small doses, letting the water reach the parched roots. 

Small doses of meditation that inspire rest are crucial to heal and revive energy.  Rather than resisting fatigue, listen to it and respond. Rest, relax and sleep as much as you need to.  Let the mind and body rest. 

The missing link in moving meditations is vitality but also being aware of your own energy.  Find ways to be present, focused and relaxed.  Step into a more serene version of reality.  Adapt to where you are. Your imagination and what you need in the moment will mobilize freedom and take you anywhere you want to go.

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Float into a calm state. Imagine a swim when you are sitting still or take this along on your next swim.

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