Is meditation Love turned inwards?

Meditation is incredibly adaptive to our energy, and most important, a blossoming reflection of where we are in the present moment. 

Listen to your heart.

Beyond deep breaths is a space in the heart that speaks to us in meditation. Self love.  Following your bliss. Listening to what the heart wants most, even when it clashes with the mind becomes LOUD here. A rush of powerful energy fills us with excitement, happiness and joy. When we learn how to connect to our heart’s mind as well as our intellect, we honour the deep love that the soul has for itself. 


Simple techniques to work with Love energy.

When we fall in love, it is evident how pulled we are by the other person.  They flood our thoughts. We are immersed in their energy and inspired by the little things.  We learn to adore them in so many ways. 

That same power to inspire is within our own being. Sometimes the energy that we notice when we are activated by someone, we don’t realize it is our own energy that is waking us up, changing how we see the world. That same love energy can be activated through a conscious decision to move that energy through your own being and inspire Joy and Happiness in the present moment through meditation.  

Meditation brings our awareness to the present. It activates our heart centre and Love energy.  It allows us to turn that love inwards to heal, to restore, to revive and to motivate a heart to open that was once traumatized or closed because of past experiences. 

Opening your Lotus-Heart.

Take a deep breath. Hold it for a moment and then, release it. 

Close your eyes and imagine a ball of white light over your head. Let that light travel into your body, down through the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Feel your body glow with radiant light.  

Now focus on your heart. Imagine a lotus flower in bud form. Imagine bringing the light to your heart area. As the light intensifies, see the lotus flower opening.  Send love and light from the opened lotus heart to the rest of the body. 

Bask in love and light.   Open your eyes when you are ready to. 


* Some lotus-heart meditations recommend placing your hands together in prayer and offering the SOUL gratitude for the love to properly end the meditation. 

Lotus in a pond. Meditation serenity.

Mindfulness of the Heart.

Being present is different from being aware of being present. And, it is how you are present, either being in your head or being in your heart that changes your perception. We notice something and give it meaning. And, by noticing it, we are elevating our focus on this aspect, either positive or negative. 

Follow your bliss.

Here is a link to an article on presence of Heart, how to discover Mindfulness.

heart presence, how to discover this type of mindfulness.

Creating Heart Presence in Meditation.

  • Sit or lay down. Find a comfortable position.
  • Breathe deeply and allow yourself to relax.
  • Close your eyes and let your imagination and your mind focus on the heart.
  • Imagine the heart filled with light.
  • Think of the word LOVE. See the heart glow with golden light and expand that love energy until the light floods all areas of the body.
  • Remain focused on the present moment. Just breathe. Just BE.
  • Set your intention and experience that feeling in the NOW.. 

Meditation gives us an opportunity to reconnect with our heart presence. Simple techniques such as breath work, deep relaxation and mindfulness can create new levels of awareness and understanding. With little practice it is possible to learn how to feel the energy and Love turned inwards. All it takes is the intention to be more present. 

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