The healing power of the moment. Genuine advice.

There is a wise counsellor within that can offer genuine advice. But we need to be quiet for a moment and allow the natural healing power we each have to offer guidance and understanding. Sometimes, thoughts won’t seem logical. Flashes of ideas, images and recalling conversations from days or weeks ago that seem unrelated. But are they?

When you begin to tap into listening inwards in meditation practice, the thoughts that might shower your attention might be strange or there will be distractions that will want to tempt you to pull away and do other things. This is normal. And, a sign that interference is the predominant conversation and your inner guidance is being clouded by distraction.

Clear out stressors and re-focus. We have the power to sharpen our focus and not allow distracting and destructive forces to overpower and overwhelm our thoughts. 

The truth is available to us if we choose to become more present. It is possible to gain clarity of mind and more inner peace if we allow these conversations with our higher being.

Conversations or conditioning.

In an earlier post I talked about energy interference and the potential to be knocked off balance by the surrounding emotional weather. Boundaries of what is ours and what is others are needed to be clear about how we are truly feeling and what we are receiving in the moment. Conversations can be more clear if we practice simple energy clearing methods and regularly shield ourselves either through prayer and /or with a simple declaration.

However, there is also the potential to be controlled unconsciously or consciously with daily patterns. These become escapes, distractions and cloud our inner dialogue if we let them. Simple breaks in schedule or time slots with silence and turning off electronic devices will allow you to reconnect with your inner self. Your ability to listen inward with increase over time. And the genuine advice that speaks clearly to you and your purpose will become louder in your thoughts.


Details and observations.

Curiosity is part of our human nature. We want to immerse ourselves in details but can suffer from “divided attention” because of it. Being more present, ironically, allows the senses to engage the moment and expand the experience of living. Just through observation, we are stepping back a little and perceiving the moment from a neutral perspective. If you have felt stressed and over-crowded in your day, this type of meditation, mindfulness practice, will be healing and will re-set your mental state. It allows you to sharpen your focus and dial into the tasks at hand.

Healing the child within.

Playfulness can get lost. Especially, the type of child-like curiosity and play that translates , if we think about it too much, into fearlessness. By engaging in play, we can re-discover new types and levels of joy by being more present and ignoring the old ideas about what happiness is or at least, used to be.

Simple experiences like walking in the rain. Feeling rain drops on your face, walking through puddles and listening to birds singing in the rain. Or, using your imagination to shift your thinking outside the box to solve a problem can be a type of game and play. Freedom can be simplified to a moment. One thought. One perspective.

quest for joy. Skier in mid-air.

Freedom of inner speech.

Sometimes we are surprised by our own thoughts. How can an inspired breakthrough be heard if we are screening our inner “calls”?

Let the ideas and thoughts flow through you and pick and choose what resonates with you. Some ideas will capture your attention more or be heard differently. Intuition and genuine advice are closely linked. Trust the ideas you are receiving by how you are feeling.

Empowerment and meditation.

Meditation is a healing experience but it is also the path toward empowerment. We can lack insight but can also gain clarity with a few minutes in meditation or in deep relaxation. Being more trusting of your own voice is essential to making bolder choices and to knowing what feels right for you. Others can try and persuade you or try to convince you to conform to their view of the world but in the end, your true self will love you for listening more to genuine advice. And, more important, following it.

Feelings are much like waves, we can’t stop them from coming but we can choose which ones to surf. – Jonatan Martensson

reality surfing. Image of surfer walking in sunset.

The moment is a healing tool that enables a clear message to get through to you. By being more present, we are able to step into our own power and gain access to genuine advice. There is nothing like it and no one knows you better than you. Have faith that the time spent in deep relaxation and in meditation will offer valuable insights that will save you time and a lot of energy. The more you learn to listen inward, the more you will find the inner critic will speak less loudly and the wise advisor will step forward.

Everything is possible.

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