Creating Positive Energy. Inner Light Meditations.

inner sunlight. Landscape at sunrise.

Imagine watching the sunrise. You see the sun streaming through the clouds.  You can almost imagine the warmth of the sun on your face.  The sound of the morning birds filters through your memory.  You becoming surrounded by the landscape. And, your vision shifts to the distance and fine details are added to your feeling of connection to all that is. 

This is what it energy meditations feel like. They are an experience and a feeling. They are a powerful tool to move through limitations and an empowerment tool. 

Tapping into Positive Energy

Energy can be positive or negative depending on what you choose to observe more of.  If you want to add more positive energy to your meditations, focus on things that you love, things that inspire and that flood your emotions with joy or happiness. 

Let your meditations feel like sunshine on your face. 


Imagining Light.

When you first begin working with light energy in meditations, it is a leap of “imagination” to visualize light flooding the cells of your body. Do you picture tiny light bulbs switching on and a domino-effect until all cells are glowing with inner sunshine? Or do you imagine a waterfall of light sweeping throughout the body and pushing out negative energy, leaving the cells glowing with radiant health? 

Each imagined “activation” of the body with light is just as effective. Just allow your body to “feel” energized and sense a sweeping movement of energy. Over time this will become more obvious to you. But in the beginning, expect that it might seem like a ridiculous exercise with your own imagination.  Am I just playing or is this really happening? Is energy really moving? 

Simple techniques to Expand your Inner Light.

A heart at peace gives life to the body.

The fastest way to shift your state is through your own breath.   

Sit quietly. Close your eyes. Imagine, breathing in light and exhaling negative energy and thoughts. Take a deep breath. Let the light flood into every cell. Hold for a moment. Then, slowly exhale. 


Repetitive Movements as a form of Meditation.

When your imagination and breath fail to energize, consider using repetitive movements to create a meditative state. Not only will you be transported to another location but your energy will be elevated by gently moving it. 

Walking Meditation:

Focus on one aspect of your walking movements. Maybe its the pressure of the foot on the ground, the movement of your legs or how the shoe feels as it hugs your foot with each step.  As you block out other things and focus your attention on each step, your mind will “click” into a more peaceful state and you will find those things that got in your way, that stressed you, will be put on pause. 

Something this simple will surprise you. 

Creating positive energy in meditations is possible by working with your own energy and light. It can be transformative and empowering. Just as an electric car needs to be re-charged, allow your mind , body and spirit to recharge whenever you need an energy boost.  

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A face filled with dots of light, interconnected. Receiving light energy.

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