Intuitive Meditation. New ways to honour your true nature.

Intuition is a super-logic that cuts out all the routine processes of thought and leaps straight from the problem to the answer.

Robert Graves

If you follow traditional meditation practices, you might feel frustrated sometimes by taking time out to sit still. You might feel the constant pull by external events, schedules and high stress environments to pay attention to them. Sessions might get interrupted. Meditations might be unproductive and fuel your stress and frustration.

Sensitive people can understand that when they are about to relax and meditate, it might seem impossible to focus. With so much interference from inner and outer sources, how can you clear yourself and be more relaxed? How can you re-design your meditation sessions to suit your true nature?

Learning how to be more intuitive and adjusting your meditations to suit your moment and day will have a profound impact on your well-being. It will accelerate your healing from stress, offer guidance and sharpen your ability to focus. More interesting, your meditations will feel more natural to you. The flow of the sessions will reach inwards and touch you deeply, inspire great progress and shifts. And, shorter sessions will still bring you excellent results.

How can you learn to do this? And, does it take years of practice to become more in tune and intuitive?

Body intelligence.

It is possible to become more intuitive by becoming more aware of your own body. Pay attention to how you feel. Are you tired? Are any of your muscles tight? Are you able to relax right now? Is your breathing shallow or are you breathing in deep belly breaths? How are you feeling today, in general?

It is easy to be driven by daily demands and thoughts and disconnect from how we are really feeling. Being more aware of the body, taps into “inner listening” and inner guidance. We can train ourselves to tap into a more sophisticated intelligence that reads the environment and gives us feedback.

Have you ever decided to take an alternate route to work only to find out there had been an accident on your regular route? Your decision to go back into the house for your cell phone you left on the charger and/or to change routes placed you in a more positive place and took you out of harms way. Use the same intuitive knowing to craft your meditation sessions.

Choose walking meditations this day. Sitting meditations in nature, on another. Breath work while you are at work or parked in traffic jams. Listen to nature sounds to decompress on other days. Silence and a cup of coffee as another form of meditation. A meditative swim on another day. Allow the body and your inner guidance to direct how you meditate each day. Choose small sessions to offer relief from tiredness, burnout and overwhelm. It will give you an opportunity to break through distractions and sharpen your focus.

Mindful of a natural version of you.

Programmed behaviours makes “natural” meditations an interesting personal challenge. What IS natural, for us? We can see habits and the patterns we feel comfortable in, yet, our natural abilities often get pushed aside.

Discovering your true nature in meditations is a gift of freedom. It opens the door to exploring what feels right for you at that moment and allows you to adjust as you honour who you are. No more restrictions to what is standardized. No “one size fits all” spirituality. This is a radical departure from forcing you to become something or someone else to be more relaxed. It doesn’t work.

Listening to interference.

We hold ourselves back by paying attention to interference. This can be as simple as sounds, our phones, messages and scheduled events. But more important, we might be picking up energy from other sources and people that can be draining and perceived as our own.

I have attached a link to a post called Listening to Energy. It offers more detail on how external energy can be mixed in with our own. How it is possible to mis-read energy. And how it is possible to get the wrong impression and the wrong message. Learning how to sharpen your intuition is critical for breaking through energy strongholds that hold you back.

Rediscovering inner knowing.

How do you know that you “just know” something. Do you get a distinct gut feeling? An intervening thought that says “Wait! Go back. Cancel your reservation. Book later. Pick up the phone and call X , that person you haven’t heard from for awhile”. You know what I mean.

Most people can recount at least one event in their life that they listened to this tug. And, maybe another where they disregarded that intuitive hit and went somewhere anyway. Either positive or negative results gave you information. And, more insight into listening to your inner guidance.

While people can try and teach you different ways to how to meditate, I can honestly say that what might be holding you back from making incredible progress is just your own nature. Structured, disciplined meditations might not always work for you. You might lose interest and convince yourself that meditation isn’t for you. You have more busy things to do anyway.

But, in order to break through the strongholds of distraction, simple meditations that honour who you are will give you breakthrough and more freedom. The freedom that you are craving by being outdoors can be honoured by introducing meditation to your outdoors. What if you could take meditations with you while you are there? And, expand your experience of being there by focusing on repetitive movements?

There are many ways to explore your own nature with meditation choices. Use your inner guidance and what feels right for you to choose. The rest will unravel as it should.

Energy meditations.

Energy meditations might seem “out there”, even though they are mostly “in there”. But if you can lean into how you are feeling at the moment and learn to appreciate how you are running your energy, then these types of sessions can be very helpful, healing and restorative. Ancient practices like Chi Gong work with energy to elevate, calm, heal, relax and restore. But you can also do the same in meditation by allowing your own imagination to move your energy and create a deeply relaxed state.

It doesn’t need to be complicated. Let how you are feeling rule the session. Explore the changes in your energy and how you feel after a few minutes imagining your energy being purified by a waterfall of light.

Healing the body and mind with inspired action.

Inspired action hones the intuition. It heals the mind and the body as you honour your energy. Let each meditation session be a place to re-set and reclaim your personal power. Sharpen your focus with smaller sessions. These can spill over into stepping into flow states when you are moving. The image on this cover of the two mountain climbers scaling an ice and snow crevasse crack is the perfect place to use intuitive meditation and strategic thinking at the same time. Learning to become calm, relaxed and yet, high functioning in a stressful environment is what intuitive meditation practices can offer.

There are no rules about what works best when or where. It all depends on your energy, who you are and what you need at that exact moment. Freedom to be who you and a flow state that empowers you because of it, brings new meaning and life to your happy place.

Test this for yourself. Intuitively select simple and short meditation sessions to help you deeply relax. You will find yourself being able to achieve more in less time and focus more.

May your week be filled with freedom to be who you are.

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