Elevate your spirit. Beautiful habitats of inner peace.

Being pulled into a negative state and time-line is possible with so much going on in the world. But what if your contribution could be offering good and positive energy when people around you need their spirits elevated? What if compassion can be offered and a peaceful state of being?

Create new habitats of inner peace. These celestial-like places can be created in meditation and in states of calm. Here we can just step into these beautiful states and peaceful realities in a millisecond even when we are in the middle of a busy subway, walking a crowded street or navigating busy day with constant interruptions. It is your decision to do so that gives you access to these habitats and the waves of energy that are present in them.

What is profoundly interesting is that we can recognize the divinity within us and others when we step into this state. It changes our perception of the collective human race and our movements inside it. Consciousness can be soothed in these habitats and elevated.

Focal points.

Since our place of observation expands our attention and surrounds us with an impression, stepping into an inner space, a buffer zone of peace, alters how you focus. This can affect how we feel and even, influence how we retrieve memory and which particular memories.

If we focus on what is beautiful around us, what makes us happy and how gratitude can empower us and elevate us from feeling low, it is possible to reclaim your authentic self. Here you can separate who you truly are from what others expect or try to force you to become. Here, it becomes more clear what contributes to your well-being or to your confusion.

Personal power and boundaries.

Never be in a hurry; do everything quietly and in a calm spirit. Do not lose your inner peace for anything whatsoever, even if your whole world seems upset.

Saint Francis de Sales

Inner peace is a way to escape the chaos of others who are out of balance. It allows a place to retreat and re-focus. We can become lost in distraction, old patterns and emotions, but the shining truth is that we are powerful beings with the ability to set boundaries energetically, mentally and spiritually. Use your own habitat of peace to become stronger, peaceful and to create more mental clarity.

Imprinting styles.

It is interesting how we waste a lot of time searching for our divine purpose, only to realize that when we just follow our bliss and focus our energy on what inspires us, we are naturally unravelling our divine placement.

Hidden in this path and process IS your purpose. And, it might be so obvious that you might not even realize it. Authenticity is a discovery on its own. Those things that you were bullied about or criticized for might be offering clues to your gifts, talents and “raison d’etre” [ reason for being French translation].

Discovering your habitat of inner peace is as unique as you are. Open your thoughts in meditation and through visualization to what might be a natural expression in your habitat of inner peace. Oceans, forests, grasslands, deserts, mountains, or polar regions wrap around your mind’s eye and offer a sanctuary that is specific to you. No one else.

Your energy can help others. It can contribute to their well-being just by being there to listen or by being positive. By learning how to step into your own habitat of inner peace, you are offering others good energy and support. You are giving yourself the opportunity to re-set, shift and balance your energy and your focus.

Elevate your spirit.

Peace is liberty in tranquility.

Marcus Tullius Cicero

Gratitude and prayer can elevate your spirit. Practice gratitude and spend time in prayer. Adopt the energy of peace and inner calm. Envision an inner space that is beautiful, magnificent and peaceful to you. Merge your space with the natural imagery of other habitats if you like. Let your imagination create tranquility for you and then, step into it. Feel it.

Creating a positive time-line.

Deciding to surround yourself with things that you want to experience more of is healing. It helps you to change where you are directing your energy. Just by placing your attention on things, you will find yourself seeing more of that. Choose positive things. Things that empower. Things that encourage healing, well-being, vitality and happiness.

Inner guidance and self-talk.

sunshine streaming through morning fog sweden.

Habitats are places to listen to your inner guidance and elevate yourself. Meditations that offer strength when we are feeling fear or doubt allow the light of faith and hope to pour into us. Use sanctuaries to wash away interfering energies that tilt and distort your perception of the world.

Viktor Frankl psychologist and Auschwitz survivor has an empowering quote. To paraphrase this, he says that ” you can either live in gratitude or in suffering but you cannot be both”. “There is significance in the very act of living”.

We have a choice regardless of surrounding environments and what others are telling us. Explore beautiful habitats of inner peace. They are restorative, empowering and open us to finding peace in different conditions.

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